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MS? Please help very scared x

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Since August I have been having strange neuro symptoms (this is the 8 month now).

It first started with 2 isolated incidents of vertigo, never had it before.

Then came the twitching, all over my body jumping from place to place, mostly legs, arms and back. At the same time I developed all over joint popping, crunching and clicking (painless). Then nerve pain in my fingers little little electric shocks.

In the last two weeks I have now developed tinnitus in my ears and have been waking up with dead hands as if I have slept on them which take some wiggling to wake up then feel a bit like pine and needles.

I am awaiting a neuro appointment at my hospital after seeing my GP.

I follow a vegiterian diet and consume

Little dairy.

I have had no problems walking/talking etc but I'm convinced it's MS or some other awful disease. I'm 27 years old and a newly qualified nurse. All of this started when finishing my degree and being under a lot of stress and very anxious (I'm an anxious person in general) so I put it down to stress but 8 months later I am developing new symptoms. Here are my blood results from October - doc not concerned about any of them - I think ferritin and B12 a little low?

Ferritin - 32 (13-150) U.K. lab

B12 -380 (197-771) u.k Lab

Please help I'm so defeated and scared - are these signs/symptoms? Feel like I have lost 8 months of my life to anxiety and depression x

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I would never try and diagnose someone. Please see the neurologist and tell him your symptoms (keep a log of them, approximately when they started, how long they last). Stress is not good for anyone so try and keep calm.Let us know what the neurologist says.

Take care of yourself.

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Hi Charlotte1234 Welcome to the our site. I'm sorry you're having so much trouble right now. As Morllyn said we would never try to DX you. That is for your Dr and Neurologists to determine. And sweetie l would never wish this on anyone! So unless they brought it up somewhere?, it should be the farthest thing from your mind.

If your Dr isn't concerned about your levels, why are you? I'm just wondering.☺

Your the same age as my oldest daughter, she also has severe anxiety attacks. She's been known to call me day or night. I'm so sorry that you go through them. ~hugs~


Hi Charlotte1234!

First congrats on becoming and nurse! Second......BREATHE!

You should know as a nurse that proper diagnosis by a professional and not Dr. Google is key. M.S. symptoms vary widely from person to person so one person's experience can differ completely from another's. Your best bet is to be seen by a neurologist that specializes in M.S. Keep in mind that the National M.S. Society lists several conditions that can mimic M.S. and need to be ruled out:

Also, anxiety as well as as low B12 levels can cause some of the physical symptoms you listed. My B12 serum levels tend to skew low so I take supplements. My primary care doctor believes that people that are vegetarian or who don't eat much meat tend to be low in B12 without supplements or properly balancing their meals. Low B12 can cause neurological symptoms and it can cause anemia.

Good luck!

I am undiagnosed, so I think I can relate. You are only a few years older then my oldest daughter, so I think I know some of what you are going through, as a young adult.

I don't think any of us would ever say yes or no to a MS possibility but honestly, it's really really low on the list. The most obvious is anxiety (my oldest has anxiety and is medicated for it). Trust me, as someone undiagnosed myself, it's the very last thing you want to hear "it's in your head" but that can be sort of misleading. It doesn't mean you aren't have very REAL symptoms, it just means, what's causing them.

I would talk to your doctor about the possibility of being treated for anxiety since you said you are a very anxious person. It might be a good idea either way. If that clears up your symptoms, then wonderful! Of course keep your neurology appointment.

Hang in there and remember the chances of it being anything is very small. Try to breath and see what neurology says.

I hope you find some answers soon.

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Charlottee1234, it's Fancy1959 take a deep breath, attempt to relax and make yourself a game plan up. If nothing else it will make you feel like you are in control and make you focus and realize that you have options. I would start about getting back with my general and making sure they knew that it was extremely urgent that I got in to see the neurologist. I would then see which neurologist they recommended and I would contact that doctor directly. I would continue to contact that dr. Weekly, checking to see if there were any cancellations I might be able to fit into.

As a nurse you understand that many many different viruses and issues can't imitate one another with very similar symptoms. Try not to borrow trouble but wait to get into see the doctors. Is vitally important however that you keep a log of your symptoms, any new ones that start and when they started,and the severity and the length they last.

Please let us know when you get a date to see your neurologist and how it goes. Make a list of items you wish to speak to him or about prior to going. That helps a bunch that you don't forget important question that you might otherwise forget. Keep your head up and let us know what you find out as soon as you know. Remember, together we are stronger!


I concur with everyone else's comments and wish you wellness.

I can certainly understand your fears. Hang in there and regardless of the cause of your symptoms, try to decrease your anxiety and stress as they can worsen underlying issues (by the way, I'm in the generally anxious by nature club too.)

All I hear in your post is FEAR. If you do have MS, you'll have to deal with the diagnosis and start treatment. If you don't have MS, you'll need to follow doctor's orders for treatment. IF you do have MS, my best advice is to RELAX... Might as well have a little FAITH NOT FEAR as either way, you'll have to live with whatever DX you receive.

FAITH NOT FEAR is the mantra by which I try to live (mind you, I'm still a student in Earth School too)... I personally TRY to not worry because worry only brings anxiety and MOR WORRY... Since it took 7 years for me to get a diagnosis of MS, it's going to be a bumpy ride if you're worrying now. My MS started with double vision that just went away in 1986. II was finally DX in Dec. 1993 (yep, merry xmas) and I watched the ball drop in the hospital in Jan. 1994. I was a LONG WAIT for my diagnosis so I just lived my life by FAITH NOT FEAR. Thing of how much life I would have missed if I had worried all those years! FAITH NOT FEAR DARLIN'!!!

G'day Charlotte,

Hope u r are having a nice quiet day.

FIRSTLY, NURSE CALM DOWN take a deep breath and start thinking CALMLY. U R a nurse U know that getting flustered is not helping, so YOUNG lady CALM DOWN, NOW. Yes I am yelling at you. Go buy a piece of wood and a hammer, no nails. When u feel yourself under pressure, HAMMER it might be fun.

Now, have u done your ms research, proper research not silly internet stuff? What other options might u look at besides ms. Start taking detailednotes on your case, u should know how to do this so get started. AVOID lumbar punctures, u want MRIs and Evoked Potential tests.AEP VEP SEP I think r the 3 tests..

It will be OK, this a very supportive group, so u have half the ms puzzle solved, all u need is a positive Dx. (Not ms)

When u have a positive Dx, ask again I know that somebody will help with the nest steep, but REMBER stay calm this is not the end. It may be your new beginning.

Stay calm, REMEMBER your training and RELAX,

Royce anther vegetarian

btw, ms is not terrible just very very tricky

@Charlotte1234, I agree that your concerns are best discussed with your doctor. With the exception of the vertigo, they don't sound typical of MS but that's just one person's opinion, and I'm not a medical professional. There is no blood test that points to MS. A neurologist can order an MRI, but even that test isn't always accurate. On a vegetarian diet, you probably know that you have to make sure you're getting the right nutrients. Some of your symptoms could be diet-related, seems to me. You might as well relax as others have suggested because MS, like several other neurological disorders, is difficult to diagnose and often time has to pass while your symptoms and signs are observed and documented. I hope that the neuro you're going to see will have some helpful answers for you!

I sure agree with all of the above, but especially take a deep breath and relax. Fear of the unknown is natural, but try to calm yourself. I hope you get a really super Neuro. Keep track of your symptoms, severity, and dates they start and/or subside. If you are unhappy with your neuro, get another.. because I am older, 68, my first neuro just wrote me off. I got a referral to UCSF MS clinic and they are awesome! Congratulations on becoming a nurse! A wonderful calling and I'm sure all the pressures of learning everything created great stresses for you. Relax, you achieved your Degree! My daughter is a nurse in South Carolina. She was brilliant, but stressed herself out, being wife, mommy and getting her degree!

Hi Charlotte, I imagine after going to school you are also depleted of sleep as well as getting into routine of life than to have symptoms on top of all that work even exhausts me to think of it.You have studied alot, ive even put in my symptoms and come up with alot.Listen to your doc, if you than feel you aren't getting heard face that, anything face one at a time.Maybe be on the neuros cancellation list if anyone cancels early you can get in.This doesn't mean you don't have a career or life is is different with any illness etc but hang on and see whats up.I don't do docs that say go home put your feet up and its all mental.The way it was put to me is that all things do go thru the brain physically, when an amputee can still feel the limb removed..they treat the entire body.Does that make sense?One step at a time....breathing and relaxing is needed for all, you just finished school?Congrats!

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