looking at the bright side

Good afternoon everyone! Hope everyone is having a blessed day! After receiving some disappointing news yesterday, I decided to turn lemons into lemonade! Do not judge me but I did not have the energy to shower in 3 days. So today, I decided I was going to fight through fatigue, and everything else.

I wanted a bath, not just any bath, I got into the jacuzzi! It was one thing to get in and another thing to get out! I prayed and asked God to help me get out. My son was at the door waiting to help in anyway, but I did not want to scar him for life! LoL! I got out with out any problems and felt so refreshed!

Instead of focusing on my problems and feeling defeated, I decided to focus on my blessings and they are so many to be thankful for despite the blows received from MS! Although I have no plans to bathe again until my husband returns (have to use wisdom), I felt like i jumped over a hurdle! It may be minute to others, but to us who deal with challenges from our disability, it is an accomplishment!

Keep fighting the good fight and remember when life gives us lemons, we can always choose to make lemonade! Continued blessings!

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  • Well done you 👍🛀 it's awful having to depend on others where personal hygiene is involved. Blessings Jimeka

  • lexsarset

    Yay! For you.

    So glad you were able to find a retreat for yourself and also accomplish the effort it took to get in and out of the jacuzzi.

    Sounds silly, but I also pat myself on the back these days for accomplishing small feats. They truly are victories 🏅

    Was the jacuzzi warm? Did that bother you?

  • Hi Erash, miss the hot baths! It was semi-warm to accommodate me, so no, it did not bother me. Have a blessed day!

  • I love the smallest victory's that seem the BIGGEST! They make them seem that much sweeter! ^5 lexsarset 😁🌠

    Love the picture BTW!!


  • Thanks !!! Have a blessed day!!!

  • lexsarset, I felt invigorated just reading your post! That is truly a big accomplishment, and what a reward you got in how you felt afterward! Thank you for posting and reminding me how very blessed I am, and I'm so glad you recognize blessings of every size.

  • Thank You! I was so busy focusing on this disease and what I could no longer do and what it stole from me that I could not recognize the blessings of every size!

  • Yay for your lemonade!! I can relate completely. Except for your son standing at the door. Mine would remind me to take my cell phone into the bathroom with me so I could dial the fire department if I needed help getting out. (Aren't sons a hoot?!?) Anyway, I didn't mean to make this about me. I'm happy for you. Have a wonderful day.

  • No , not at all. That is your experience. Glad you shared and that you can relate to the experience. This is what I love about this site!!!! Yes, sons are a hoot! Thank you! Have a wonderful day as well!

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