New to the group with questions and to make friends!

New to the group with questions and to make friends!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Joshua Mallicoat and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in September of this year and I am new to this. I am on Avonex that I take once every Friday. I finally decided to come on here and talk to you guys and be in the community to help out. I tried to make friends here in Tennessee and being a gay male doesn't work out too good where I am at. So I have a few questions if anyone would be able to help that would be splendid! I wanted to do a Go fund me page to get me and my fiance out to Colorado to be able to get better healthcare because my doctor had to fight my insurance for 3 months just to get me on Lyrica! :( So do you guys have any advice on what to say because I have never done one and would I be able to post my stuff on here when I am done because I am trying my best to get out of this state to be able to live somewhere that is comfortable with me! I am sorry for asking so many questions being new but any advice or answers would be nice! I also have facebook so if you guys would like to add me just let me know! Ty so much.

Joshua Mallicoat

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  • Welcome to the group. Sure hope you get your answers. Lynn

  • Ty so much! Do you have any advice :)

  • I don't know the answer to your question but you should contact MS Society in your state and they might be able to help. Good luck

  • Ty so much Roy!

  • Jinxxie201025, hello it is Fancy1959 wishing you a warm welcome to this awesome chat room! Joshua, you have entered a safe place that can answer, hopefully, a lot of your questions from a lot of different viewpoints. That is worth its weight in gold because hopefully because one of the replies will mirror what you're experiencing very darn closely. We also want you to share your victories and your sorrows. We have broad shoulders and you can feel comfortable to contact us anytime to vent about short comings or anything that you don't understand. We are used to having wet shoulders!

    Joshua, we are here to offer advice, provide you with different ideas to conquer or solve problems, or simply talk to someone (someones) who understand. The large majority of us are having financial difficulties our self. Between the treatments, the therapies, doctor's visits, physical or occupational therapy, and don't forget the pharmaceutical products we use to keep our MS in check, we are all is financially burdened as you are. On top of this many of us have major secondary health concerns. It seems God blessed us twice.

    As a result, this MSAA chat room does not allow any go funding accounts set up here. Perhaps you could find more answers and accessibility on facebook. Good luck in your efforts to reach Colorado. Be safe and let us know how your journey into the land of MS progresses.

  • Hey welcome! You might have to take a leap of faith and just move. However, usually insurance is tied to work not just states. Unless you qualify for Medicaid and from what I've heard that is pretty lousy everywhere. Good luck. I wish you luck with Avonex. I was on that for a while and it worked fine. My neuro suggested I switch to rebif so I've been on it for nearly 12 years. Do what works best for you! Every little bit helps.

  • Joshua, welcome to the site! I can assure you that you will find unconditional love and support here. I'm sure that being newly diagnosed you are full of questions and concerns. Many of us have been dealing with this disease for decades, so there is a lot of wisdom here. Ask questions and educate yourself. I'm sorry that I am not sure how go fund me accounts work, but I did google it and it tells you how to set one up. Looking forward to getting to know you. Kelly

  • Ty Kelly! I can not wait to get to know you as well

  • Hi Joshua! How are you doing today? What were the symptoms you had that sent you to the neurologist? It ca be pretty shocking when they say it's ms, can't it? How long have you and your fiancé been together? Any marriage date? That is so exciting for you . I think Tennessee could be a tough place. Do you have a lot of symptoms? Sorry, not being nosy, just trying to know where you are at with your ms. Stay in touch. Hugs. Kelly

  • Welcome Joshua. This is a warm and supportive group. So glad you joined us!

  • Welcome Joshua. I agree with Royjr about contacting the MS Society, maybe they can steer you in the right direction. This is a very wonderful group to be part of. Keep us informed.😊

  • Ty so much I have looked up the number and everything so I am all set for Monday! :) Will do!

  • Welcome to the best chat ever jinxxie201025 sry can't help you with the go fund me page. I'm getting to 5he point where l dont trust them. Like the others said try the MSA and the MSAA and see what resources are available.

    Do you have friends in Colorado? That can help with the move? You might have to just bite the bullet as they say and do it yourselves.

    Whatever you decide to do, lm very sorry that you can't feel at home "at home" no one should ever feel that way. Know that here, you will find, friendship, support and a safe place to vent. :) Just jump in anytime!

  • Ty so much!

  • Hello joshua, welcome to the group!

  • Ty!

  • Hello Joshua welcome to this group. MS is terrible on all of us but to have the added stress that you have is worse. There are a lot of good people in Tennessee who just care about what kind of person that you are, I know because I live there. Educate yourself about your MS, for now, so that you can stay as healthy as possible. Stay strong and love yourself.

  • Welcome jinxxie201025 l hope you find the help and support you are looking for in this amazing chat.

    That being said l have to agree with Fancy1959 that it is policy here, that no fundraising or solicitation is being allowed here at this time.

    Thank you.

    Liza volunteer admin

  • Welcome to the group, Joshua! I was diagnosed in September, too, and can understand the need for information, help, and encouragement. This lovely group of people have already helped me very much, and I'm sure you'll get lots of ideas and support here.

    I wish you well with the move if that is what you choose to do.

  • Hi Joshua

    Welcome this is a great group of people here to offer support, an ear, jokes, etc... MS is our journey we all navigate day by day as we have some similarities and differences.

    You may want to just lookup how to create a go fund acct. I've never done it and unfortunately don't have any advice on what to say or how to move the process but there is information out there. I have moved twice because it was necessary for my health and sometimes u just have to take that leap of faith.

    Best wishes for you

  • Ty so much!

  • Welcome to the group Joshua! A whole lot of good people here that's for sure. Good luck with everything! Stay strong minded, and keep in smiling...this dx is full of surprises and OMG's, but life goes on. 😎

  • Ty so much hun!

  • Hi and Welcome jinxxie201025!

    Seems everyone here has said all I was thinking about saying. I finally decided this is the place and the people who can give me the information necessary for those of us with MS. AND they don't mind if you post a vent either. As a matter of fact, I've found so much inspiring support from everyone here. I hope you have much luck!

    I was diagnosed last summer and had to give up my house to move in with my parents. Once moved I contacted the MSAA and they made an appointment to come over and gave me ALL the information I asked for plus information I didn't even know I needed. Contact them-they're great at what they do!

  • Sorry, I can't help with your answers to Go Fund Me page but welcome to the group. I like that idea of checking with NMSS. Also check MS Foundation and Multiple Sclerosis Ass0ciation of Ameri8ca, (MSAA), They are the organization which sponsors this group.

  • Why would you move to CO? Is it the closest compassionate state to Tennessee? I am just curious. Oh yes and welcome but I am sorry about your diagnosis. It is a hard one to swallow for sure. I remember wishing I had cancer instead so that I could either get well or die, instead of facing a life full of unknowns. It does get easier with time and faith. Keep us posted on your progress 😎

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