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Home from physical today

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I have to have blood work done (forgot to fast which I usually try to do before these appts..sigh). Dr's nurse did an EKG as he does that for most patients nearing 40 (I've had one for at least the last 3 years). I am getting a referral to get a mammogram again this year with a history of breast cancer (my mom) and see a dermatologist because I have a mark on my toe that looks suspicious to be possibly melanoma and scar tissue from when I was doing my Copaxone injections. It started to hurt last week so I brought it up to my doc today. Received an Rx for my antidepressant and to get my tetanus shot and I was due for my flu shot so I had both of those done at Walmart when I had my Rx filled. I think I may have which is the start of a sinus infection so my dr also wrote on a zpack - hopefully, I can get ahead of this before it gets bad like last year.

All done for now. One shot in each arm and feeling alright. Subway for lunch ;)


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They certainly know how to get you treated in the USA, it would have taken me a couple of months to have had all that done in the U.K. Glad it all worked out ok, Blessings Jimeka, did you enjoy subway? 🦋 🍫

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bxrmom in reply to jimeka

Subway was good, thanks for asking jimeka I am very blessed to have such a good doctor ;) Within the next week I should hear from someone about my mammogram appt and a dermatologist appt.


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Wow, you've had a busy day!

It's great you've been able to get all that done with one visit. Do you have to pay for your flu shots in The States? Here in the UK we get them for free which is a blessing.

Subway is so good, I hope you enjoyed your lunch 😀

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bxrmom in reply to HeidiK

Medicare pays for my flu shots. Medicare also paid for my tetanus shot ;) Part B (hospital/dr part) pays for my flu shot and part d (Rx) pays for tetanus shot which I just found out today when the lady at Walmart was trying to run it through my insurance and first tried to tell me they didn't have the flu shot which I have gotten there at least the last 4 years.

Lunch was good, now I'm getting hungry again lol


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Peruzzot in reply to HeidiK

VA pays for mine when I get it done there otherwise Blue Cross pays for it.

There are other clinics around that do it for free for those who don't have insurance and can't afford them. Those clinics usually announce the day(s) they do them for free right before the start of flu season.

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Sounds like you had a full day.

I had to start getting mammograms early due to family history of breast cancer. My father's mother died from it...but she refused all treatment available for it back in the early 1970's. The only 2 memories I have of her was chewing out my mother and laying in her coffin.

So far all of mine have been good. Hopefully yours is too. Get treatment if it isn't. Cancer treatments have gotten a lot better since the early 70's.

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bxrmom in reply to Peruzzot

My mom had breast cancer and a great aunt (grandma on my mom's side, sister) had it as well but they look more at mom and siblings. Right now my sister has a suspicious lump that she is waiting to get checked out with a mammogram, she will be 38 in January. It is amazing how far the treatments have come today.


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You had quite the day! Those days of so much all in one day are tiring, but it also feels good to get so much out of the way nearly all at once. You're in my prayers. Please keep us posted.

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bxrmom in reply to greaterexp

Thanks so much, greaterexp ! I will definitely keep everyone updated.


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You certainly got a huge amount accomplished!! You should be so proud of yourself!


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bxrmom in reply to lbenmaor

Thank you ;)

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You're Welcome!

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Goodness....sounds like they've put you through the ringer today. I have my dreaded mammo scheduled for next month. That dang family history thing gets us, doesn't it? Ugh. Best wishes...

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Hi Jessie sounds like you had a full day already. Hope all the test results are good. Subway sounds good too now have a rest. Mary

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