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2016 Year in review..... Fancy1959

This is just the first in several new post that I will be making. I would like you to in the year in review look back over 2016 list two to three of your greatest triumphs and then list one or two things that you weren't happy with. Make sure the positives outweigh the negatives because that's the way we want to attack this monster we have called the MS.

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To get everyone started here is my take on the year in review. In 2016 looking back over the things I am most pleased with is as follows; my two youngest sons have gone away to college. As hard as it is for a mother to let go you take a certain pride in knowing that your children are maturing and moving toward their final adult success through their college or whatever schooling they choose. Being a part-time investor is something very new and different to get used to. In 2016 I have finally seem to have conquered some of my secondary health issues. They seem to be quieting down and I hope I am as follows suit very quickly. I went on a diet as part of my feeling better and I've pledged myself to lose 25 pounds. To date I've lost 12 pounds. I didn't do bad at Thanksgiving now if I could just get through Christmas doing it well I'll be well on my way to my 25 pound bowl by the spring. And lastly I found this awesome chat room. The positiveness, kindness, openness, and friendliness of the wonderful people in this chat room is simply amazing. I have been truly blessed by finding this chat room and feeling like I'm not a disabled lump on the floor anymore but I'm now a productive and helpful member of society again! I can't tell you how good that feels again. No one purposely try to make you feel disabled but every time they treat you like a fragile glass ornament you can't help but feeling disabled. They run around and help you get in the car when you're perfectly able to do it yourself, then they run around and try to help you get out of the car when you can do it by yourself! Etc. Etc. Etc. You get the picture!

Looking back over 2016 the two things I want to speak on negatively has to do with my Mobility. My walk seems to have taken a pretty good hit. I believe part of that was due to the weight gain and then the secondary health issue as well. I'm using my new recumbent bike to rebuild my strength in my legs and also to continue to lose weight. And finally my balance has also taken a hit. Once I get some strength back in my legs I will then work on my balance. I have the tools, i have the knowledge, and I have the willpower, and I will not give up my Mobility! It's a matter of making this poor little pea brain of mine rebuild new nerve pathways then so be it brain. You might as well give up now and start rebuilding them now, because I am not going to quit!


'Disabled lump on the floor' - not the best self image, Fancy lol ! I don't think anyone wants to be defined by their disabilities but we do need them taking into account. My experience has been rather opposite to yours - since I was always the one who looked after everyone else, I find there is often a problem with people accepting the compromise I need or making allowances for my deficits. Like you, I certainly don't want 'special treatment' but would like people to accept my limits : if I say no to a request, it is for a good reason and I should not be harassed or pressured to do what I can't reasonably manage. Wonderwoman has hung her tattered cape up ! Sadly, sometimes it is easier to give in and let them have their own way just to get some peace.

On the downside I lost my job - on the plus side I gained some disability payment. Other than a slightly dodgy last 3 months, when new back muscles have had spasm issues and other symptoms have been a bit up and down, not a massively eventful year for me. I can't say I've had any great triumphs but maintaining a reasonable status quo will do me : )

Congrats on your weight loss !

I fully intend to get back up again and claw back what I can every time this ' limbo issue' slaps me down too !

Angela x


Good: the courage to stop working

Bad: loss of identity because I stopped working

Good: finding myself, applauding my resilience, and seeing that life is joyful

Bad: denial (my MS patients saw this in me before I had the self recognition)

Good: beginning to accept

Bad: too much self focus on my MS

Good: finding this chat room to share my thoughts and feelings and find friendship 💕💕💕


The positives have included, but not been limited to, the fact that last week our young bloke, Sam Murray, competed in the world championships in Denmark, in a weight lifting sport called kettle bells. They use a weight that is a ball, like a cannon ball, with a handle on it. He was in the 32 kilogram division (a bit over 70.5 pounds) which he lifted over his head 434 times, with one hand, in 30 minutes. So gold medal and world champion. his mother, Carmel Murray has a video of it on her face book page. I cant think of anything else, positive or negative, right now. Have a good one.


I started to take multiple vacations as the kids are all out of the house.

I learned how to haul a vehicle behind our motor home.

I realized I will not be able to walk upstairs much longer

Ocrelizumab has not been approved yet (I have PPMS)


Well where do I begin, this year has gone so quick. I don't want to dwell on the negatives, of which there have been quite a few, instead the positives. Firstly my family, the eldest son secured a job with Seimans making wind turbines, and loves it, my daughter has just secured a job as a diabetic nurse, a move from paediatrics, and my youngest son is an engineer at a power plant, so I feel so blessed that they are in full time employment of their own choosing. I have 2 incredible grandsons and another grandchild due at any time, an amazing husband who never complains, and my wonderful companion Razor, who stops me from being lonely when everyone is at work. Plus you guys, meeting you all has been a true gift. Thank you for your friendship, blessings Jimeka. Here's to a battlefree, enjoyable 2017🌈


To everyone who replied for the year and review it's Fancy 1959. I wanted to thank you all and tell you that your replies mapped out a truly unique path of where many of us have come from in the good things that have happened this past year and what our fears are or disappointment we have also for this past year. This generates a thought process for all of us and makes us review our own successes and failures a little closer for 2016. Thanks again. You are the back bone of our chat room. Remember together we are stronger!


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