I'd like to report that my "conditioning" period with the Bioness L300 is ongoing. Getting used to the sensation is really different, and it makes me a bit tired. I feel like I'm in a gym...well maybe not a gym! I've concluded that it must be (entirely) awful to be electrocuted to death. Still, I refuse to stop! This small little miracle cuff really work.

On another note, can you believe that I was told that Bioness has been around for 10 years? Wow!!

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  • Hey kj, how long do you wear it now? Why do you think it makes you tired, except that maybe it's working muscles that weren't being used before?

    10 yrs? Wow they ate great at advertising arnt they :/ lol

  • Right! It's a shame! Pills over cures...right? The American way.

    I'm up to about 25 mins today walking, 15 mins in training mode. It may not sound like a lot however, trust me, it is!

    I believe it's a combo of working muscles I've not worked in a while plus the electrode current.

  • Gotta love the American way lol.

    I'm sure it is alot. It's a whole new ball game for your body to adjust to. I wouldn't be a leader to do it. The electrodes would kill me lol

  • Oh, noooooo!! I tell you, it's tough! I'm not giving up though!

  • It sounds like you've found your miracle! So happy for you. You have a warrior's attitude-we're cheering you on!

  • Thank you! ❤️

  • Kj, great to hear that you are now motoring along, but take your time. I know it's a really strange feeling but it's amazing how it does make your foot lift up. Like you I am disgusted that they would rather gives us pills then let us be able to walk again and in your case maybe even work again. Hope it continues to give you the quality of life you are searching for, blessings Jimeka

  • Have you had it adjusted? The better you get you have your rep lower the stimulant. You will continue to do it as long as you own it. I have lowered my 3 times in less than a month.

  • No, I'm still getting used to it. I've just started wearing it out yesterday. My muscle is a bit sore however, I know it'll get better. I just have to keep it up. I'm so amazed at how well it works.

    Do you use a cane with yours?

  • I do have a cane for now. My balance is coming back because of the Bioness. It forces you to stand on the leg. Just remember to get it adjusted as you start to lower the stimulation.

  • Right. Ok, thanks. I'm tapering mine up a level per day in order to get to 5...5 is where she started me. It was almost punishment starting that high for me though. I'm on 3 today. Thanks for your advice.

    This forum is so cool. No one in my "real life" world could ever relate. You're a gem. Blessings

  • Just remember each time you lower your level let your rep know so they can adjust it. Also you have the training mode to help you position it correctly. There is also the line on the cuff that helps you aling it under your knee as well. The longer you wear it the easier it becomes.

  • Ok, I will let me rep know. Thanks for the advice!

  • I've had mine for over a year with LIMITED use. Makes my leg very tired. The electrical impulse is annoying. It does NOT lift my leg up as far as I feel I need it. Unhappy with it.

  • 😔☹️ I'm entirely sorry to be hearing this. I would have to agree with you, the impulse is annoying, and "funny feeling", however, the way I see it, I love the idea of knowing that this too shall pass. I just feel as though, the benefits of pushing through this uncomfortable conditioning phase will trump those sensations.

    On another note, if the device is not working properly, call your rep and have the programming adjusted. Also, it could be something else such as incorrect placement.

    I could be a poster child. The Ness works. Listen, honey, you can do it! No, it's not easy however, getting a better quality of life it worth me anyway.

    Thanks for your feedback. God bless you.

  • Thanks kj....I WILL indeed contact my rep!! I'll keep you posted!

  • Awesome!

  • Contact you Bioness rep for an adjustment that what they're there for.

  • Will do rj.....! Thx!!

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