Bioness L300 plus from the front

Bioness L300 plus from the front

The brace on the calf is the Bioness L300 for the dropfoot. If you want the thigh cuff you must also have the calf cuff as well. One remote controls both. When you have both the system is called Bioness L300 plus. I don't know if you can see the sensor on my shoe but when I lift my foot the sensor sends a signal to the braces to send simulation. When my foot hits the ground it goes off.

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  • Walkaide much less intrusive and works on foot drop

  • The Walkaide I have viewed on you tube, was one that had wires which because of my fingers I would not be able to connect every day. Have they brought out a wireless one. Thanks Jimeka

  • Thank you very much Educator, the video has given me an eye opener for Wednesday. To be able to walk and not trip will be a plus.

  • The walkaid shocks you it is very painful. I tried it when I was looking.

  • Your body gets accustomed to the shock and you hardly know it's there. Have had mine 8 years!

  • Bioness has no wires the cloths snap on. You see the outside

  • The calf part by its self works on dropfoot as well. You don't have to get both. You just need the calf brace if you want the thigh brace as well.

  • Thank you for sharing both photos, I am due to go this Wednesday to try various makes I will let you know how I get on. Again many thanks. God bless Jimeka

  • Let us know how it goes jimeka

  • I have heard of a device that is a belt around the waist with 2 elastic straps, one down each side of the leg, with a piece behind the knee and going down to a piece across below the arch of the foot. It evidently assists with foot drop and lifting the leg. Does anyone know what it is called and where to get one, price, etc please?

  • It's called a Hip Flexion Assist Device. Go on-line, look up HFAD for info & videos.

  • Thanks mate!

  • The more we know the easier it is to make decisions.

  • If you want to see the cloth pads just let me know and I'll post them

  • Morning, I don't know if you have read my post, but the device that suited me best was the Pace. I am waiting to see about funding. I want to thank you for all the advice that you , Educator and kj9861 has given me and others about the devices. I did ask about the issue of the pads being wet for the thigh bioness and my physiotherapist had alittle spray bottle that she used. If I do get funding I don't know how long a wait until I get it, but it will be like Christmas to me, as I am hoping to be able to walk my dog alittle further than what I do now. God bless Jimeka

  • Congrats let me know how it works out

  • Congratulations let us know how it works out. What does the pace look like? Is there a link I can go to?

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