Bathroom before remodel

Bathroom before remodel

Since I now know how to add a photo (but only at the start of a post!), I thought I'd show our master bath remodel which I described in another post (somewhere when I first found this site). This is the 'before' pic of our very large, 40-year-old bathroom with a lot of wasted space. We moved in 3 years ago and NOTHING had ever been done to the house. Just finished the bathroom redo a few months ago. Can't tell you how many times I tripped over that 'lip' while getting into the shower. Also nearly yanked the grab bar off the wall next to the toilet, as the wall toilet (who puts a wall toilet 🚽 Into a home??) was so low, and my legs so weak, that if not for that grab bar, I'd have been forever stuck on that toilet! The after pics to follow.


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