A laugh for your Saturday afternoon

A laugh for your Saturday afternoon

Some days I really wonder what happened to the old me. I once was very organized and highly intelligent. Some days I have to fight the brain fog just to remember what the right word for things. My vocabulary has shrunk.

This morning, I made myself a sandwich and lost it before I could eat it! I just found it! Apparently my foggy brain thought it needed to be dried! Can't help but laugh as I put the load of laundry back in the washer and try again, lol.

At least I am home alone so no one got to see just how crazy brain fog can make me!

I pray you all have a good weekend.

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  • I can relate. Some days I can't remember what I was doing from one room to another 😊

  • I do that one fairly often too. I have had to learn to laugh at the randomness and just go on. Very few people in my life understand. Thats why I have come to enjoy this forum, people understand without judging.

  • Sorry, I know doing things like that can be frustrating, but I appreciate the peek into your laundry room. Happy you got a laugh out of it. You made me chuckle too. Thanks!

  • Glad I could provide a bit of comic relief. We have to keep our sense of humor when fighting our own bodies.

  • Me too! Lost my glasses yesterday. Looked high and low. Found them in the trash can 🙃I keep telling my self it's still all in there (my brain) I just can't always access it.

  • Oh how I know that feeling! I am extremely near-sighted. I have lost my glasses a couple of times lately. My fiancé had a good laugh as I frantically searched all through the kitchen and living room,mostly by feel which is a real challenge with my dominant hand being numb,before he finally pointed out that I had them on my face! Add blurred vision to the list of symptoms lol. Thank goodness the solumedrol seems to have cleared that symptom up!

  • Nice how they find a sense of humor also isn't it? Ugh lol

  • Yes it is. I prefer to laugh together at these things. Stressing out wouldn't help.

  • So many times I have been frantically looking for my cell phone, expressing my agitation to my husband or kids while I am talking to them on my cell phone, cell phone in hand!! 😂

  • I often forget that I have my phone in my hand. This issue lead to a traffic ticket not too long ago.

  • Eva1981 I also received a ticket for $120. Lesson learned. My problem is, I keep setting my phone down and walking off without it. I do have find my iPhone app which is a good thing, but turned it off after finding out my children look to see where I'm at from their app. After losing it again, I decided it's better them being able to see where I'm at than the aggravation of not having a phone.😁

  • That sounds exactly like me !! 😂

  • Great, laughter is good medicine. No harmful side effects.

  • I apparently thought the remote control needed to be washed with the laundry. Apparently that wasn't the case. It is much cleaner, however.

  • Oh dear! I washed a flashlight not too long ago. These things need cleaning too lol. Just remember to laugh!

  • My husband was a little less amused than I. I thought it was funny.

  • Hang in Eva the Cog fog hits a lot of us; I know it does me. I have learned to be patient with myself, take things slowly and do only one thing to completely or at least to a logical breaking point so I can remember where I am. I try to mostly have a sense of humor about this part of MS like I am sure you do;).

    I use a to do list and have a calendar up to date where I see it in my apartment on my "desk" and one on my phone which I try to keep up to date so I won't forget important things.

    I wish you the best; I do find laughter is a great part of our MS medicines🤓

  • I wish you the best as well Lindy. I too have developed my tricks for reminding myself. Still at times the silliness slips through. Before MS was brought up as a possible diagnosis, I had begun to think I was getting senile (I am 35,lol).

  • I know exactly what you mean! I used to be a morning person - up early, clean the whole house, do laundry, water the yard and make dinner. I used to have "normal" conversations - meaning, I didn't have to pause all the time to think of the words I wanted to use. Although I still work time (out of financial necessity), I go to work, struggle though the 8+ hour day, then come home and simply die in my bed. I miss the normalcy that I used to have.

  • I too still work full time. Its a financial and emotional necessity for me. I couldn't just stay home. I am a caregiver for individuals with disabilities. Luckily they are some of the most accepting people. I work at my own pace and find that I am better when I work than if I am off very long. Its a challenge but I thrive on challenges. I know that the day may come when I can't anymore but I intend to do so as long as I possibly can. My fiancé is so supportive of me ,he has already said that if I need to quit he will take care of us but I won't. Most evenings I make it home to the couch and i crash. I miss normal but I am learning my new normal.

  • It's nice to know you have someone to have your back if you need it. Unfortunately, I'm divorced (and then my ex died). It would be easier if I had another income coming in. I'm also helping out my son and his wife. We all live together - they don't want me live on my own in case something goes wrong - and I help them out because my grandson has a heart defect that has taken, so far, 3 open heart surgeries - and he just turned one. Honestly, it's my family that keeps me going above all else.

  • Hate brain fog!!! And it just keeps getting worse. But I've been on aricept for 12 years and it definitely has helped.

  • Brain Fog really it is just another part of me now, I can't seem to live without Brain Fog. I am always going on my way to another room in the house and when I get there I seem to freeze, I have forgotten why I am in that room and what I am suppose to be doing, I literary will stand there frozen trying to remember what to do next. It seems like I take for ever to do anything. I am thankful for being able to do what I can. Others seem to forget I am not the same as I used to be. The person who stayed up to 2 a.m. just to get everything ready for the next day and Was I so organized. We had five children and when the youngest was 17 we adopted another, he is now 15 and has Autism. You should be a fly on the wall to here a conversation with a person who has MS and one who has Autism, one day he asked me if I had ever gone to school, I laughed so much it was good.

  • Hi, Eva, Boy do I resemble that cartoon! Thanks for putting a smile on my face.


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