Brain Fog and Bad Timing

Today is just one of those days. I needed to be sharp and on the ball for a meeting today and what happens.....brain fog. Knew the material - been eating and sleeping it for the past month but couldn't deliver verbally for a meeting. It's so frustrating, especially for someone who takes her job seriously and is a freak about professionalism, accuracy and overall wants to show she's good at what she does!

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  • Keep your head up and stay positive

  • So sorry about what happened. Brain fog is why I take my husband to appointments. So i get everything said and so i can ask him later if i need to about what the doc said. I hope you don't take it too hard though i know its hard not to do.

  • NicoleMarie1, I know there is never a good time for the fog, but it's especially frustrating when you most need to be sharp and it just won't happen. I hope you can find some ways to compensate somehow. Is anyone there aware of your issues? Is there any way to delegate something if you need to? We all sure understand the feeling. Hang in there!

  • Oooooo....I hate that brain fog! It always shows up at the worst possible times. I'm sorry that it happened to you NicoleMarie1 when you wanted to be on your best game. Your co-workers should know you well-enough that one meeting won't matter.

    I had an appointment with my neuro today to talk about switching meds. I had terrible brain fog and couldn't pull my words together. It was so annoying!

  • Oooh that brain fog is a tail chaser for sure and for me probably the most frustrating, especially when all the words are beautifully lined up in my head, then as soon as my mouth opens, nothing. The tail chasing comes when I'm the kitchen and forget the next steps to a recipe I've used for 20 yrs. But recently I've come to see this as a precursor to a stress induced attack. Sometimes followed by heavy legs or vision impairment. Usually means for me that I'm doing too much in a small area with too much heat. "Time to get out of the kitchen"!

    I've had to learn to ask/let someone assist me at those times and they are learning to see the signs as well and taking steps to assist when needed without words. A confidant if you will.

    I hope you get to feeling a bit more focused and clear and find peace.

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