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Efudix overdose


In 2015 I was given Efudix cream for facial AKs. It worked fine and they have now gone.

However I started using it on a large white mole on my forearm. I over-applied it and my whole forearm became weepy and very red and sore before I stopped it. About three days later I developed red rashes behind my knees which spread all over my body apart from face and groin within a week. It was agony and 10 days later all the infected skin died and fell off me like snow.

Dr prescribed creams and gradually the rash has gone but it took over 9 months for the majority to go. It remains now on my lower legs and I keep it at bay using Elocon cream when it starts getting itchy again. Usually every seven days.

Has anyone else suffered an "Efudix overdose" with a similar outcome?

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I haven't but hope you get some responses just to get an idea if it's a problem xx

Ray163 in reply to lovesradio

Thank you xx

Yes - I'm going through the exact same thing at the moment. Four years ago I treated my face and right hand with Efudix for sun damage and it worked well. Four weeks ago I started using it on my left hand for an intraepidermal carcinoma (Bowen's disease). After 3 weeks I started to get eczema-type patches on my face. A week later and my face is puffy and red and I have eczema-type patches on random other parts of my body as well as my right hand. My neck is red and my lower legs have little red spots on them. My left hand (which I treated with Efudix) has got scabs on and my left wrist has got little blisters on it.

My GP hasn't heard of anything like it and suggested I take an antihistamine which I have been doing since Wednesday evening. I keep putting moisturiser cream on my face and olive oil cream on my hands which makes it feel a bit better but is not going to cure it! I expect it will heal in time - I know my face did 4 years ago.

Ray163 in reply to McFitz

Thanks for reply. My Dr hadn't come across it either. Initially I was prescribed a cocortisoid cream (fluticasone) but as I said I now use Elocon cream which keeps it at bay. Antihistamines don't cut it nor do the non prescription creams though they help soothe. I've found Atoderm intensive baume (Amazon) the best (but not cheap). Good luck - it's awful and I can no longer go swimming as the rash comes back with a vengeance

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