Please can some one help my poor hubby seems elergic to the sun on his face every time he goes out in the sun even with factor 50 on and special sun hat his face come up in big red looks like spots , we have been to a dermatologist who suggested wearing factor 50 for sensertive skin and wear a hat which he does all the time but his face still flares up I have spent a lot of money on very expensive sun cream for sensertive skins but nothing helps any advice would be so much appreciated as he is very very embarrassed about it now and hates going out

Please help

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  • Hi I would go back to the dermatologist as clearly something is wrong. If you are already in the system you should just be able to self refer. If not go back to the doctors and ask for another referral. x

  • Hi Pamed,

    I think that everything that appears on our skin is a reflection of what's going on inside our body. There's a good nutritionist called Patrick Halford, he has quite a few books and one dedicated to skin called Solve You Skin Problems. I just had a look, and while it doesn't mention allergies to the sun, it does explain about why our bodies react to foods, medications, etc.

    He has another book called The NEW Optimum Nutrition Bible, it must be the NEW one, it has a lot more information in it. I would recommend this book as a must read, it explains a lot of the health problems we have and what we need to do to make our body healthy.

    Most of our health problems are caused by deficiencies, tooth infections, toxins and stress, and diseases start in our gut. We are missing a lot of nutrients from our food because of modern farming methods, we also eat too much food with lots of added chemicals, in one way or another. We bombard our bodies with toxins, from shampoo and toothpaste to cleaning chemicals, to the water we drink, the plastic our food is wrapped in, vaccines, medications, polluted air, the list is endless..... And we wonder why the cases of serious diseases are on the rise! Our bodies can't cope because we're overloading it with all of these toxins and not giving it the nutrients it needs to fight them.

    I would look at his diet, stress load and the toxins and start to improve these, I'm sure that will help. I had Rosacea when I was about 22, for quite a long time. I went to specialists, (who said it was acne), I bought lots of different creams but nothing worked. It eventually went on its own.

    Then I had it again last year, I only found out it was Rosacea because I looked on Google at photos other people had put up and recognised my skin problem from them. I then searched for a solution, I found out about a Chinese doctor who had helped many people with this problem and decided to give it a try. I used the cream and soap for about 10 weeks, some days it seemed to be getting better, then others it seemed worse, but I stuck with it because I know what causes it and knew it would take a while to get rid of it.

    Anyway, I stopped using it and 2 days later it had gone, only very slight red patches remain, believe me after what I had last year I absolutely love my very slight red patches! I've given the cream to my friend who has this problem. He started in December, I must get an update from him, but we won't really know until he's been using it long enough. Also, I haven't been in the sun, which is supposed to make Rosacea worse, so I'll have to see what happens this summer, but at least I know what I need to do now to fix it.

    Just in case it is Rosacea, although this doctor says it helps other skin problems, here is the link to the information I found;

    Here is the cream I used;

    And here is the soap, which I still use;

    I still believe that I need to sort my diet out, I'm getting better, I drink more water, have smoothies for breakfast and eat lots of vegetables. I'm using soda crystals, citric acid, vinegar and lemons to do my cleaning and it's brilliant, no more breathing in chemicals. I use natural shampoo and soap and crystal rock deodorant. I find it easier to make changes slowly and incorporate them into my routine so they become a habit.

    Another few good books I have are; 'Can We Live To 150' and 'Cure The Incurable', both by Mikhail Tombak, very interesting books, and Medical Medium by Anthony William. You can try your local library or find them on eBay or Amazon. The Mikhail Tombak books are more difficult to get hold of, but very good.

    Some good doctors to listen to are;

    Jerry Tenant

    Dr Tent

    Joel Wallach

    Gerald Pollack

    Max Gerson

    I've gone on a bit but there's so much more that I've learnt, I could go on a lot more :)

    I hope you manage to find something that works for your husband. Lots of people on this site give really good advice, so look at other people's posts, I'm sure you'll find something that resonates with your husband's problem. Just know that you can do something about it.

    Good luck,

    Violetta x

  • Violeta

    Thank you so very much intaking the time to give me so much information you are so kind .

    It is very strange my hubbys face has never had a reaction to the sun before it's only been the last few years

    One doctor said it was fungal

    We paid to see a dermatologist they said it was rosacha which did not clear up , we then went to another dermatologist who said it was the sun !! But it is costing us £160.00 every time we see a dermatologist so we can't keep going back all the time and we are at our wits end . I will defently Look up the books you have told me about and see if that helps .

    There is only one thing which is very strange if I put a sun cream on hubbys face at night which has got zinc in it , it clears up his skin BUT he can't put it on in the day as it is like a paste and he looks like a ghost lol as it is so thick .

    But i will also,look at his diet again !!! Not easy as he is so fussy with food men what do we do with them .lol

    Thank you again for all the information I will let you know if any thing works

    Hope you have a nice day

    Pam xx

  • Hi Pam,

    That's nothing Pam, there's lots more where that came from 😃

    If it is Rosacea I would recommend the cream and soap I used. If you do get this cream, message me before he uses it, I can tell you about my experience with it.

    If it's a fungal infection I understand that Raw organic WITH THE MOTHER apple cider vinegar mixed with water is good, I usually get Biona because it's a lot cheaper than Bragg.

    Also, Oil of Oregano mixed with some kind of oil, coconut, olive, etc. Both of these are very strong and must be mixed. Try a test patch in case it doesn't agree with him.

    But a fungal infection (any infection) is a reflection of what's going on inside the body, so really it still needs to be sorted out because it will just keep coming back.

    In the books you will see diets to get the body healthy. When changing his diet and detoxing it's very likely he will feel a little unwell, headaches and flu like symptoms but it's normal when the body is getting rubbish out of its system. Once past this stage he will feel much better and have more energy. Really it would be good if we all did this, we are all so full of rubbish.

    Just remember that we're all different, so what works for one person may not work for another.

    Whatever you decide, let me know how he gets on.

    I really do wish him the best.

    Good luck,

    Violetta x

  • Hi Pam. I can help your husband! Please email me:

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  • Thanks Helen I have sent you an email

    Pam x

  • Hiya, thought I may look at this from a slightly different angle. When yr hubby goes into the sun is it the actual sun or daylight hours? And if so is it near any greenery? The reason I'm saying that is that my boyfriend suffers from acute hayfever (for want of a better word) type symptoms. He can't go near any grass/trees/garden unless it's paved over. He can't even eat herbs! His on medication that helps his skin and breathing and many people think it's a type of asthma as it gets so bad. Just a thought....What's the denominator? Sorry editing as I missed the point! That being for my boyfriendit wasn't the sun that was causing his skin to react it was the plants etc. You say at night when pollength is low he feels a bit better. Zinc acting as a barrier. It was just a thought.

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