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Itchy eyebrows / scalp , forehead area.


Hello , I've joined this forum in the hope of a solution to my current skin problem. I've had an itchy , sometimes spotty , forehead , scalp area including my eyebrows for a while now. After my initial visit to my doctors , I was informed that I had dry skin and told to use E45 cream , which to be honest only worsened the condition. On my 2nd doctor visit I was given Diprobase effolient which again really did nothing. My third visit culminated in my doctor admitting his diagnosis of dry skin was wrong and he claimed I had a mild form of Actinic Keratoses. I was then prescribed Efodex cream which I didn't get on with at all - increasing the itching , and giving me prominent red spots. The only cream I've used and have found to work to a certain extent is sudocrem. It not only eases the itching but eliminates all the spots which I have almost overnight , the problem is the itching and spots come back ,so the sudocrem is not "curing" the condition I have ,only helping if temporarily. Has anybody got any ideas as to what I have or any other creams I could try to eliminate this horrible condition ! I am a sprayer by trade and have been for 12 years of so , and the skin problem has only been with me for a year of so. Thankyou off taking your time to read this - I look forward to any replies.

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Hi Steve, 'a sprayer'........what do you spray? My first thought, when I read your headline, was an allergic reaction to something and then when I saw 'a sprayer', I thought I bet I am right!

I spent years scratching and itching and trying to get to the bottom of what was causing my problems. I wrote to manufacturers and eventually, a large company referred me to a Dermatologist, who did patch testing and discovered I was allergic to formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasers.

I would suggest asking the company you work for, to refer you to a Dermatologist. GPs don't seem keen to refer patients and the waiting list is horrendous!

The Dermatologist I saw, gave me very potent steroid cream and also Diprobase ointment [it's like sterile vaseline] which helped. He also gave me a list of the chemicals I am allergic to and where they crop up.

Formaldehyde allergy is apparently common in industry and people can use it for years without any adverse effect, then suddenly, bang........

Good luck Steve

Steve1970 in reply to Hidden

Hi , Thankyou for your reply. Yes I'm a paint sprayer at a car manufacturer - and even my GP said that it could be that , that's affecting me even after 12 years. I will look into getting referred to a dermatologist by my company dr. Thankyou.

Hello, I had a very dry skin on my face for ages and used loads of creams and even Almond and Jojoba Oil. Nothing seems to work. My grandmother gave me something called Emu Oil apparently she's beem using that for years. I am using it for a week now and my skin is in the best condition it's in been for months. I was bit unsure if I should use it as it is made from the oils of emus but I don't regret now. Would reccomend to everyone

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Hi Emma - Emu oil , any idea where I might get it ? And Thankyou :)


I have a feeling that Sudocrem has zinc in it, which is good for healing wounds

Steve1970 in reply to Hidden

Yes it has - it's great stuff. Luckily with two young kids we have plenty of it in the house !!

Hi I had been using diprobase cream on my daughters eczema and she developed red spots I was advised to switch to diprobase ointment as there are no additives in the ointment but there are in the cream, the spots cleared :)

Steve1970 in reply to Hollander

Hi , Thankyou for your reply. I will look into trying the ointment :)

Hi Steve1970,

It sounds like you need to see a dermatologist. Your G.P doesn't appear to have any knowledge of skin conditions.

As the creams that you tried didn't improve your skin you may have a condition that is made worse by oil-based skin creams, e.g. E45 & Diprobase. These conditions include folliculitis, acne and rosacea.

A mild, unfragranced, oil-free moisturiser might help. You may also need medication such as a tetracycline antibiotic to bring things under contol.

Acne Vulgaris (DermNet NZ):

Folliculitis (DermNet NZ):

Rosacea (DermNet NZ):

Scalp folliculitis (DermNet NZ):

Hi , Thankyou for your reply. Yes this could be my next step.

Saw my doctor on Thursday , I requested a referral to a dermatologist and he agreed - although he stood by his his prognosis ! Just a waiting game now.

All the best, Steve.

Hope you get some answers.

Thankyou shell - I'm persevering with the effidex for now , seems to make the itching and rash very angry at first - but settles after a while. Will keep you posted.

Hi all - just a little update on my situation. I have finally got an appointment with an nhs dermatologist - albeit in June !!

But some good news with the rash / itching - after 6 days using Efudix cream twice a day I'm experiencing almost no itching at all and almost all of my forehead rash has disappeared apart from a couple of real stubborn under the skin type spots. My skin is a little red , because of the cream but nothing like some of the pictures I've seen of some people that are using it. I think my doctor said to use if for 2 weeks - so , so far so good :)

Good news, Steve!

Just another little update. What a change from 4 days ago ! My forehead is now very red , with lots of red spots - which you cannot feel - appearing under the skin. Looks like the efudix is doing it's job and "weeding" out the bacteria which was possibly causing the itching and spots. I will continue with the cream until Thursday ( 2 weeks of use ) and then stop and resort back to sudocrem to hopefully start the healing process.

KeriM in reply to Steve1970

The efudex cream is not used for rashes it's used to treat actinic keratosis (precancers) the cream only targets precancer cells (hence the red marks that appeared)

Hello. I finished my 2 week course of efudix yesterday and have a very 'red' forehead with a little bit of peeling and itching. I am currently using Diprobase and / or sudocrem to help the healing process. I wondered if anybody recommended anything else I could use to help speed up the healing process ? Thanks in advance.

For similar itchy symptoms, mostly on the scalp, forehead and back neck, the Virgin Coconut Oil did the magical cure, Thanks God. Applied it externally and eaten a tea spoon and drank glass of warm water to clear the throat and taste.

am I too late just noticed this , Head and shoulders shampoo . ,!!! I know it sounds smoke but our GO told us . it can come with Parkinsons lupus all sort of conditions .

it certainly works for a John and he had it dreadfully . When you was your hair ket it run over your neck face ears anywhere there is hair .

I am sure you will se a difference . Use it now and again . Another tip is to cleanse you eyelids brows etc with a solidly ion of water baby oil and soap . . I did it night and morning it help stop th sand man leaving sand in your eyes .

I have same conditions and nothing work for me ..I'm very interesting to know what the problem exactly

I have horrible dry skin and foderma serum really works! I had rough patches and scabs from itching my dry skin. This healed everything up. I use it on my babies and my boss now buys it. Great stuff.

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