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Is this eczema or fungi?



Everything begin in December, I didn’t wear gloves, my hands got really dry and cracked. After a few days I started using moisturizer, but my hands were still very dry.

I went to my dermatologist, she recommended a moisturiser. It helped a lot but later I noticed I have small, itch red bumps on my fingers.

I kept using the moisturiser but it slowly kept spreading. Sometimes they disappeared, and repaired again.

In February one day I woke up and one of my finger had yellowish crust on it. It was very painful. Because of the Covid-19, I could only go to my GP. He prescribed Elocom cream. (He didn’t say what is this condition)

I used elocom, it healed my finger and all the little red spots were gone. But after I stopped using it (Even though I gradually decreases it) it came back.

Thursday I finally could go to my dermatologist. She didn’t say what is this condition and on the paper it still says I have hand dryness. She prescribed Travocort (It has drugs to treat fungal infection and eczema too) I didn’t use it yet.

I attached a few pictures and my question would be, do I have eczema or fungus? Or something else?

After I wash my hand I apply moisturiser immediately. But It’s still itch and slowly spreading.

Last week I had really small red bumps , and now I have bigger ones with faded edge. Sometimes I feel burning sensation too.

I also eliminated every cloth, blankets that has polyester in it, and I’m using a moisturiser without fragrance.

Thank you so much for taking your time reading this. Also sorry for my English I’m still learning.


A week ago:

Now: (I have petroleum jelly on my hand, that's way it's so shiny)

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Oh Robert it looks sore. There is nothing worse than hand eczema itchiness. Eczema can become infected with bacterial, viral and fungal infections so a combination cream might do the job. A moisturiser that I like is Neutrogena Norwegian Formula unscented. It's not pricey and a little goes a long way. It's less greasy than petroleum jelly. Good luck and try a different dermatologist!

I bought the hand cream and I really like it. So much better than petroleum jelly and it actually soaks in really fast.

Also I got a little sample of the new Atoderm Intensive Baume, I use it together with the hand cream. The itching is gone and the eczema stopped spreading too. My hand looks so much better.

Thank you so much for helping me!

So glad it has helped and I like the sound of the Atoderme Intensive baume, where did you find that?

I live in Hungary and I went to my local pharmacy they suggest to try it out. I think it is also available in the UK, at least I have seen it on amazon. Actually I'm not sure if it's the baume or the gel variant. Because they gave it in a little sample jar and it only has Atoderm Intensive (new) written on it. (I'm so sorry, I just realised I misspelled it in my previous comment.) It has a pretty similar consistency to the Neutrogena hand cream.

Many thanks Robert, hope everything going OK in Hungary for you

I hope all is well with you too, thank you for asking! I just finished high school, and in September I will be going to a university in a complete new town and I'm really excited.

Oh very best wishes for your new adventure. That's very exciting!

I am in Scotland and we are still in more or less lockdown and I retired from teaching last year. It just shows you that skin problems are universal and can affect you at any point in life.

Thank you so much!

I hope the pandemic will be over soon and everything gets back to normal. Here they eased up on the lockdown. I wish you all the best.

Ray163 in reply to RobertCody

Hello Robert please see my post to lovesradio about Atoderm Intensive Baume somewhere round here. I am 71, lovesradio sounds a similar age, and I am so sorry you are having these problems at what sounds to be a young age. I wish you well

Ray163 in reply to lovesradio

I swear by Atoderm Intensive Baume. It's a French company and I was recommended it by a French dermo. It is the best soothing and repairing cream ever in my opinion. I buy it when in France but also you can get it from Amazon when in UK for more or less same price. It's not cheap at £19 or so per large bottle) but it lasts a long time. Neutrogena is very good too but not quite as good. You must get the "intensive" one. But I have to use it in conjunction with a prescription medicine e.g. Elocon which works fine for me. Sadly the blasted eczema never goes lurks beneath the surface. Good luck!

lovesradio in reply to Ray163

Thanks Ray, and you're right with your age guess, no telling but same generation!!!

Just a 'Thought' Robert but what 'Sort' of Gloves are you wearing? After all, if it is, the actual Gloves, you are Allergic to! Might be worth checking...


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