Ive got pale spots in lips for8weeks not and they seem to be spreading! doc says its fordycespots but they came after kissing someone! help!

ive tried various creams but they are not going away ! doc says not herpes as no sores although lips were itchy at first and now still quite itchy! someone must have same symptoms pls help i want the bastard spots gone! they are more visible when i spread my lips and i have a cluster i can feel with my tounge inside one side of my top lip! also i can feel smallish spots inside mouth both sides again in cluster again doc said nothing to worry about! the colour of spots on lips like pale whitish! they have been in my lips for around 6 weeks now and seem to be spreading really more visible when lips stretched ... im worried herpes but no sores ! doc said its not that could be fungal etc but tried canistan cream nystatin cream zyvarix cream nothing is making the go away ! im getting sick over this cant eat sleep etc! pls help does anyone have similar etc doc just keeps fobbing me off saying its normal! they were in my lips before kissing someone!

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  • Have you tried asking your local pharmacist/asking to see a different GP? Has your GP taken a swab to check for fungal/bacterial etc? Sounds like your GP is not taking your condition seriously?

  • yes said its fungal one said its fordcye spots ! i would not have woken up with fordcye spots. gum clinic did not swab as no oozing sores just these spots in actual lips some raised on inside of upper lip going out of my mind here

  • What a horrible state to be in, feel for you. If fungal, you could try using tea tree cream or tea trea essential oil, but in both cases 'dilute' a bit by adding a blob (cream) or 5 drops (oil) to about 50g bland plain cream such as E45. Try using twice a day after you clean your teeth.

    Good luck .... also have you contacted the person you kissed to check out if s/he is also affected?

  • hi can you tell me how i can delete my posts please

  • These spots are not fungal or contagious. They really are natural occurring in some people. I've had them for years now.

    There is nothing that can get rid of them other than surgery but they do come back. They are usually small and white. They don't show unless you stretch your lips and all I can say is you will get used to them.

    No one else can feel when you are kissing so don't worry about it.

  • i got them couple of days after kissing a girl and they seem to have spread so dont feel i would have just woken up with them... the corners of mouth were itchy at 1st and i used various creams im hoping its not herpes as dont really have any sores but these spots were not there b4 kissing the girl and its doing my head in

  • Herpes would come up like cold sores and on the outside not these little fatty lumps. - really stop worrying about it.

  • i just need to get to the bottom of what the are and get the right treatment its making me ill stressing about it

  • Found a good home remedies site for Fordyce spots after Google search.......might be worth a try.....sorry if my last sentence above was a bit insensitive

  • no worries ur fine erm ive tried canistan cream zovirax blistex vaseline mustard oil ! i feel its germs form inside hence need tablets of some sort . corners of mouth still quite itchy but lips are not itchy but most spots are in both lips! praying its not herpes ! no obvious sores! doc said if herpes would have cleared by now.

  • Good luck!

  • any more advice from your part can u help me

  • Have you tried aloe vera gel? It's had great results on similar problems, it works well with cold sores and this sounds like the same type of break out. You can buy from brightauraforever.flp.com

  • i dont really have any sores corners of mouth are quite itchy .. the spots are more in the lips than on them if that makes sense

  • Under the skin? Aloe gelly is absorbed into the skin quickly while lubricating sensitive tissues. This brings about a calming effect for irritated skin. There is also Forever propolis creme which has antimicrobial properties. As well as this the anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties propolis can ease unpleasant symptoms such as rashes and swelling, and can also help to heal broken skin caused by blisters.


  • cheers but im thinking but hoping not this is a sexual infection it only came about after kissing a girl ... cold sores would have to come and go in like couple of weeks but these spots are still around... now getting pimples on buttocks itchy tingling down below but we didnt have sex or oral just kissing touching etc im freaking out here

  • left thigh burning pimples on left buttock help !!!!!!

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