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Reoccurring Skin Problem

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Hi All,

For years I have suffered from sores on my skin, mainly on my face and chest. The sores always seem to appear in the same place, become red and weep.

It takes forever for them to heal. I have got a flare up now and its the worst its ever been, the doctor has prescribed me a 4 month course of antibiotics.

I would really like to find out what it is so I have attached photos, if anyone can shed some light I would be very pleased!

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Can you be referred to a dermatologist? I had a mystery skin condition on my feet, the Dr spent ages trying different creams & testing for infections - turned out to be a rare form of Psoriasis that he hadn't seen before. None of the creams, antibiotics etc that the GP had prescribed had been suitable!

I am echoing Bluehills response. Generally GPs do not have a great knowledge/understanding of skin conditions and tend to reach for fairly standard preparations. For some reason (maybe long waiting lists) some GPs seem reluctant to refer but actually other than treating relatively routine problems that is what they should be doing.

Hi Mediaevalchimp,

This looks really painful and nasty! As the others have said, you need to see a dermatologist. As skin conditions can often look alike, many can only be diagnosed via skin biopsy.

I have a rare inflammatory skin condition called Sweet's syndrome (SS). I was repeatedly prescribed antibiotics for months, despite my condition getting worse and my health deteriorating. I was eventually referred to a dermatologist, and a skin biopsy showed SS.

It sounds like you need a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Hope you get some answers soon,


I'd not be wanting to take four months of antibiotics if I didn't know exactly what it was. I agree, ask to be referred to a dermatologist.


You could have a Fixed Drug Eruption have your recently taken any new medication?

Check out this website.

Hopefully this helps!

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