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Rash and itching

For the past 2 years I have been getting allergic reactions, I will get a rash around chin and jaw line, sometime on my neck and behind my ears. I noticed that when I eat a lot of foods with high levels of histamine my rash comes back. My doctor prescribed me monteluska, I take it once at night. It did help control the rashes/hives. I also take vitamin c, d3, vitamin e, zinc. I also take enzymes before I eat. When my rash recently came back I added tumeric pills and they really help! It's so hard to avoid foods with high histamine like tomatoes, and fermented food so the vitamins and everything I'm taking do help control the hives and I don't get them as often. What bothers me about the hives is that I get itchy on my head and other parts of my body:/ I did go to the dermatologist and they where helpless my results came back normal, but with some research I found out I am histamine intolerant! Does any one have this?

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Sorry I am first to reply and I have never heard of this and yet it is probably quite common in people with high allergy issues.


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