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Very itchy, bumpy rash

Hi all,

Any ideas on what this rash is?

It started back in the summer and I just put it down to the very hot weather. However, it's getting worse and is now on my arms, armpits, stomach and sides mainly.

I suffered from eczema as a child but it didn't look like this.

I wondered about some sort of allergy but if that was the case I would have thought anti histamines would help, they dont.

I've tried all the usual hydrocortisone, employment etc.

The other thing I did think is perhaps stress.........I've had a hell of a year so wouldn't be surprised if stress was the culprit.

I am coeliac and have Hashimotos so a lot of autoimmune stuff going on.

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Sorry Salshep, this part of Healthunlocked is for running not general medical conditions, try another part of Healthunlocked for your question.


I don't understand what you mean this forum offers a "support community for those experiencing issues with their skin". What do you mean it's for running??


This part of Healthunlocked is for running, as in athletics, Healthunlocked has about 50 different parts, you type in whatever problem you have, which in your case is issues with your skin " Healthunlocked skin problems" that should take you to what you want to know.


I'm on the "MY SKIN" forum, I think perhaps you are on the wrong forum as I can see people have advised you previously



I has a similar rash on my back,only worse and it covered my entire back and then a bit on my sides. I had four biopsies to check it out with my dermatologist . It showed traces of lymph’s and there were no definite

Dx. But I has to take acyclovir for three months,

A bit of a rash comes back now and then but I have a couple of creams.

Please go to your derm ASAP to find out what it is.

I’m still on w and w for three years now.

So please let us know of you diagnosis.


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