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Extreme itching

I began itching all over about 3 months ago sometimes with a rash present and have been on several antihistimines none of which seem to of worked. Three weeks ago the rash started to get worse mainly on my legs it is unbearably itchy and now painful and appears to be getting worse. Have been prescribed moisterises and steroid creams on top of the antihistimes but nothings helping and not getting very far with the dermatologist. Has any one any idea what the problem could be so I can get the right treatment.

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The only thing I have found that might be the cause was this candida overgrowth, and the dermatologist I've seen have given me the same things which also have been to no avail. I did start taking perfect biotics from a company called Probiotic America on line I have been taking them for a few weeks I hope they will help, it's suppose to get your gut in order, and boost your immune system.


Thank u so much I will look into it


I had very simular bit like looking red itchy marks on my legs. I later found out that in the block I was living in somebody had a case of bed bugs. These are very cunning creature's as they hid under tables in hours of daylight & when the artificial light in the house are on. The moment the lights wentry out they were everywhere. I had to have my place fumigated to get rid of them not only once but twice coz they had to come back to get the eggs that they had layed. I had to replace all my furniture and bedding. They were everywhere. My advice is get a touch and look in dark places under your living room tables & furniture. My only other advice is get them fast coz they spread quick and can ruin so many personal things that you won't be able to replace. Ie photos and stuff..


Thank I'll have a look

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Ihave a condition called Mylofibrosis A blood condition where the bone marrow becomes fibrosy and does not produce correct amount of cells red white or platlets. one of the symptoms is easy bruising and itching and red spots various areas of the body. Antihistamines don't seem to help.


Thank u I will have 2 read up on this did u find anything that did help.


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