I would be grateful if any-one can help with any useful information about getting some relieve and hopefully a cure with a very itching head! I have tried a few shampoos for dry hair,but they don't seem to do much,it is mostly around my hair line at the back,I know it is not dandruff as there is no flakes,or a rash,just this itch all the time and worse at night.My poor husband has looked lots of times for anything there and he always says no,and most defiantly there is NO sign of nits etc!! I have had my hair coloured at times,but NOT for a long time,and the skin test has always been done,and I have not had any trouble or itching before when it has been coloured.

Thankyou to anyone who my be able to help.

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  • For a while I had a very similar problem and changed my shampoo to Dead Sea Mineral Shampoo, available from Boots, and stopped using any conditioner. This helped a lot and I have subsequently been able to tolerate a wider range of products. I also find rinsing my hair so that water runs from back of my head to the front has helped with skin irritation at the back of my neck. Good luck with finding a solution.

  • Thank you so much for your advice,I have been using the shampoo that you wrote about for a couple of weeks and it has helped a little,I have also used the mask conditioning after the shampoo,but maybe it would be an idea to just use the shampoo as you suggest. I have also used the dead sea shower gel and that is good I most certainly would recommend it,once again thank you for your reply,it is nice to know there are people out there that that care enough to reply.Regards.

  • Hi I can empathise with you. I too suffer with an itchy scalp. It regularly wakes me up through the night. I also wake my other half up from scratching my head, it really drives me crazy. I suffer with it mainly around the back of my hairline, which is exasperated when Im hot, though the top of my head also gets quite itchy. There is one product out there that I have found really works - Nizoral Shampoo. You can get it from Boots. It does make your hair feel really dry when you are washing it, but this is easily solved by following up with a little conditioner on the ends. Nizoral is fairly expensive, but generally I only need to wash my hair with it twice to see a significant improvement. It really does work for me, I hope it works for you too. Good Luck

  • Thank you for your reply ,and for taking the time to try and help.I have used the shampoo that you wrote about and it did help a little,as you say it does seem to dry your hair,but if I don't use a hair dryer,which is okay as my hair is short,I can have a itch free couple of hours!!!!Why it seems to be so bad at night I wish I knew! !If I find the answer I will try and let you know,I am sure there must be an answer,anyway thank you again for your help. Regards.

  • I also have itching at the neck hairline but the difference for me is that when I scratch I can get flaky skin on my collar. I have tried many shampoos which help for a day. Recently I discovered that rubbing in olive oil has greatly improved the condition and my skin has gone smoother and firmer rather than kind of soft and flaky.

  • Hi. My itchy scalp is due to psoriasis. I was prescribed alphosyl . It helped my mum for years. I tried it, it has a clinical smell. Ask your doctor

  • Hello oldoap, I suffered with an itchy scalp for almost a year. Tried all the shampoos etc - nothing worked, until a friend of mine said he was prescribed a liquid form of Betnovate (scalp application). Used it a couple of times - worked a charm and haven't suffered since. I didn't even need to see the doctor as my nurse practitioner was able to prescribe. She also mentioned using an anti-dandruff shampoo to keep it at bay once healed, as it contains a tiny amount of something (can't remember what) which helps to prevent flair ups. Hope this helps and I can honestly say I can relate. It was one of the most annoying things i've ever had to deal with!

  • Hi there,

    I had this problem and its sooo irritating!!! I got a few bottles of liquids from my Dr. It worked but left that area with thin hair.

    Once I finished the treatment I did some research and found the best solution ws Organic Caster Oil. Its very thick, quite greasy but it worked straight away and my hair has started to thicken in only a few weeks.

    Just apply it at night and shampoo in the morning as usual or you can apply whenever you wish. Its cheapest on amazon at under £14. Do not buy anything other than the Organic Caster Oil.

    good luck.

  • Hi, literally just joined this community and thought I'd get going straight away! I've had a very similar problem and tried endless amounts of shampoos etc to no avail and I had to go and see a trichologist in the end. I was perscribed with a menthol shampoo which helped no end. I would certainly recommend this. This does not thin or dry out the hair (though we would have diffetent hair types) it just sting if you get it in your eyes, but this can be avoided! I know living with a highly sensitive scalp is torture so I would say go and see a trichologist. Maybe you can do this via the NHS but I just went private. First consultation was £80 but worth it. I'm not sure if you can get hold of a menthol shampoo over the counter but a trichologist certainly can. Cost of shampoo is £13.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi oldoap,so sorry for your trouble and actually I had same problem for some time itchy scalp without flaking or redness or dandruff,as a matter of fact very clear scalp but very very itchy.after many trial-errors I found that e45 shampoo helped.but after having outbreak of ppps last year I've tried eucerin calming urea shampoo and it really helped with itching and cleared a year on I'm still using it,with great result.its worth a try worked for me,hopefully for someone else too.

    PS I've also tried Charney nettle shampoo and it's very good too,stops itching and in my case stops flakes from forming again.

    Good luck and best wishes

  • Sorry misspelt it's Caurnie nettle shampoo.regards

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