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Keratosis Pilaris help

Hello, I am 17 years old, male, and have Keratosis Pilaris on many areas of my body. It has contributed to many mental health issues and my self esteem and overall damaging to my life, so it is something I would very much like to deal with. I got it diagnosed my a doctor in my early teens I think, and they prescribed me some moisturiser, however at the time because of my OCD, I didn't feel comfortable using it regularly and haven't done anything about it since. But I am in a more self-challenging mindset now and would like to do something which would be moisturising regularly. Note: The KP areas of my skin are generally dry and flaky, but not painful. I was wondering if anybody could recommend a good moisturiser product that I could buy from a store or do you think I should go and see a doctor again and get some more advice. Thanks.

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Hi shay_lonsdale I am so sorry that you have to deal at your age with skin condition in addition to other dificulty(I know from my son how difficult is to deal and live with OCD),but maybe its best if you see Gp and stick to the treatment,but first of course you have to find treatment that works, with which your doc. hopefully you will.good luck and best wishes


Sorry I don't know your situation but asking your parents(if you have them)for help and advice could help too.

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Thanks for the kind words, I discussed it with my Mum last night and she suggested a certain type of moisturiser, and yes I feel like seeing a dermatologist would be the right thing to do the more I've thought about it. Its good to see I have options open to try out to help me deal with it and make me feel more comfortable about it, thanks for the reply :)

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Well done, for coping with the mental issues. Very brave of you. E45 is a good cream try a small tube first, then you can buy a big tub cheaply. It may take a long time. Do not be disheartened,,maybe it will stop worrying you when you become even stronger and not in pain. Try not to let it affect you. You can do it. You,ve climbed higher mountains before .good luck


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