Help with Skin Condition

Help with Skin Condition

I have had what the doctors THINK chronic urticaria. I started getting really itchy rashes on my stomach, arms, armpits, buttocks, thighs and back. The first time I went to the doctors I was told I had eczema and was given skin cream. None of this cream and rashes started to worsen. I went to a different doctors who give me anti-histemines at first (which never worked) and then progressed to prescribe me stronger anti-histamines, some kind of steroids and some form of medication that slowed down the digestive system. In the meantime he had taken bloods and was waiting for the results. I stated taking the medications and after 1 week the symptoms decided to clear. I think this was the steroids as I stopped taking the anti-histmines after they were a little sedative and a new job meant I had to turn up fresh. I would just like to add that during the time of symptoms I felt unusually stressed, tired and had very little patience with things. The blood results came back the doctors said I had an unusual high amount of the Ige antibody (4 nearly 5 times the normal) and he said it must be some kind of allegry. At the times the steroids worked and I was happy. I was advised to slowly come off the steroids (obvious reasons) and the itchy rashes came back instantly. I have tried countless home remedies to no avail. After a few months passed by the rashes did calm down. In fact minimised to the odd small itchy bump on the skin or back that was hackable. This lasted for around 3 nearly 4motnhs and they have started to come back. The small itchy single bump then turns into a rash. They have started to come back under the arms, folds of the arms and back. I've figured it's only a matter of time before it spreads again like it did previously. I'm actually praying it doesn't. I've tried an elimination diet. Soap free products, daily moisturising, no moisturising at all. Cold showers, warm showers, sun, no sun. I've tried everything I can think of. I am about to go back to the doctors for more help as it is seriously starting to have serious impairment on my life. Also I am starting to feel very tired, fatigued, short tempered and even slightly depressed about it. I need some form of clarification even if I know what it is I will feel slightly more at ease. The fact I have no idea what this could be or how to help deal with it is driving me crazy.

I missed out that the doctor thought it was Chronic Urticaria but I think something else maybe. Unless the moods changes are linked to something I'm not sure that this is urticaria, also the rashes I get when flared up do look similar to urticaria but not enough to convince me (hives)

Any kind of help, previous experience or stories will be greatly appreciated. I will attach a photograph of the rash now but please remember this is just the beginning of what I think is to come and also look like nothing compared to when they are flared up.

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  • Hi, I don't know what your rash is but it doesn't seem to be urticaria. I have suffered from chronic idiopathic Urticaria for many years on and off, and it does not look like that. You're right, urticaria is like hives and nettle rash but the bumps are irregular shaped and can be very painful and itchy and can get so big that alt bumps go into one.

    I hope you find out what it is, and although I'm not a doc, that looks nothing like what I had so I think you can be sure it's not urticaria.

    Sorry. I can't be much more help.

  • Hi thanks for the reply. I'm with you on that and for the same reason, the pictures I've seen of urticaria do not look like this although it may behave in a similar way, I don't think it is that. Still slowing spreading. The bumps are lots of tiny ones, they don't join but just makes the skin red around that area but mainly form patches in different areas. When you itch the area (sometimes unbearably itchy) and break the skin with a nail or whatever that also turns the same red like it is infected. Thanks for you time, I hope the suffering gets better for yourself.

  • Woodcheck, I suffered with hives from head to toe for about 2 years. I was in a stressful relationship and I was anxious a lot. I felt like I was living against my beliefs and values. I was itchy all over and hives would show up. The dermatologist had a word for the skin swelling when scratched due to histamine. The answer for me should have been to dump the relationship, but instead I am choosing not to be as emotionally affected with the things that bother me in the relationship. I was prescribed the creams and lotions which only dealt with the symptoms. But the emotional change made a difference for me. I don't itch from head to toe anymore because I don't stress as much over things I disagree with or don't like. Also, recently I have been more aware of how different foods affect my body, and have found that sipping some diluted apple cider vinegar actually cleared up my allergic spot on my face that is usually flared up (side of chin). I also know that allopathic drs are there to prescribe drugs, not help you heal from the inside out. Listen to your body, maybe jot down your food and emotions and when you see symptoms. Hope this helps!

  • Hi,

    Rashes are cause in my opinion of height histamine foods. You may be histamine intolerant. My doctor prescribed monteluska to help balance my mast cells, it help control it. I also avoid fermented foods. Take vitamin d3, c, zinc, vitamin e, enzymes and tumeric vitamins they help. If you haven't heard of histamine intolerant google it and also get the high histamine foods list it will help you! Food has to do a lot with a lot with what we eat.

    Best of luck!

  • Also things with vinegar don't help because they ae high in histamine.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I've taken all on board and it has been a huge help and trying to find out what is wrong. I just thought I'd update the pic of the rash 2 weeks later. As you may tell it's a lot more red and looks abit more like urticaria. It hasn't spread as much as it did last time I may add. This was just 2 weeks though. When this condition flared up this time last year it went on for 6months, within that time it's sure to spread. As of now it's under my arms, folds of my arms, starting to get an itchy neck (no physical signs yet but that's how it starts) it's also on my back, wrist and possibly my face but could just be the too much daily scrub there. I edited the original post as cannot reply with pics.

    Just like to say thanks again for your time guys.

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