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Red Pigmentation Spots & Scarring

Hi all, I'm new here on 'MY SKIN' and i was just wondering if anyone can help..

I suffer from moderate acne which is localised to mainly my cheeks and chin. I'm not 100% certain but i think its caused by a hormone imbalance as i also suffer from irregular periods. My GP has given me a cream called DUAC which contains benzoyl peroxide that has been very effective at clearing the acne on my cheeks and i now only get one or two cysts that come up now and then.


I've been left with flat, red pigmentation marks/scars where the cysts used to be, all over my cheeks. Is there anything that i can get from my GP or over the counter that could help fade these marks without causing more acne to develop?

Any advice is greatly appreciated :)

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Www. rosacea.ie if you need tips info and skin products if your condition is rosacea

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