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I am suffering terribly with mass white pigmentation spots covering the top if my back, shoulders, arms, neck and under my chin to my face and also some on my chest. I am so embarrassed by them and people look at me like I have a disease and whisper. It impacts my relationships or lack of them, what I can wear, my work life and I am so depressed I have even thought about taking my own life. I look in the mirror and look ugly. I was referred to a skin specialist but they said there was no cure except camouflage make up which is useless. 😢

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  • Your symptoms are a lot like mine were. Might be something as simple as a yeast infection on your skin. Look up pityriasis versicolor. You might want to try this:

    Buy a strong dandruff shampoo. Shower every day and put the dandruff shampoo on your skin where the spots are (as if the shampoo were a body wash). Leave on for about 8 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Do this for about two weeks.

  • thank you for reply but I have tried this and it didn't work.

  • Hi there... my name is helen connellan. I can seriously help you!! Please email me my email is my name lower case no spaces

  • hi Helen, how can you help?


  • Its difficult to explain on this platform.. please email me and I can help you. My email is: regards, Helen

  • I can really relate to how you are feeling. I agree that camouflage creams etc do not help...

  • Hi,

    I am also suffering from mass white pigmentation, all over my arms, hands, legs, feet and now coming to my chest. The dermatologist also told me theres no cure! Your not the only one as I also feel depressed. Everyday I wake up I see the white pigmentation on my arms its is so depressing and because I am black you can see it very clearly!

    Anyone who can help me, I would really appreacite it and I would anything to pay you back. I am begging you to help me restore my skin and my confidence back.

  • I really feel for you. People don't understand how depressed this makes us feel as people judge you on your looks

  • did you ever try raw milk on these spots? if no then please try this but remember donot use packed milk try to use fresh cow's milk . it will solve all your skin problems and make your skin more beautiful.

  • Hi, I had the exact same problem for the first time in my life and I was terrified. The white pigment patches covered large areas of my neck, chest, arms, thighs and face. However my pigment is finally coming back! I went to 5 different doctors I was told I had Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Different types of fungal infections. In the end I did a lot of research on pityriasis versicolor and I thought I definitely have that. In the end I booked an appointment with another doctor and I told him how much of a big impact that this is having on my life and it's making me so depressed and I need a treatment that will actually work. He prescribed me Nizoral anti fungal cream which I use twice a day, Ketoconazole shampoo that I wash my body with every day and an antifungal medication called Terbinafine. I think in your case because it's affecting so many areas you definitely need a anti-fungal medication because just the shampoo and creams alone won't have much of an impact. If you need anymore information feel free to contact me on

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