RED, RED, Red face

Hi everyone. I am new on this blog.

A few weeks ago I started with a little rash on my face - just sort of appeared over a couple days (I have a history of hand eczema and other rashes including rashes on my face). It was feeling really dry so I used some Epimax (recommended by doctor years ago), which was not helping so that night I put some olive oil on my face - it got soooo itchy and the next morning I woke up with a massive red rash on my cheeks and chin and one side was oozing pretty badly. The oozing stopped after a day but it was still very raw and veerrry red and over the next week spread onto my forehead and around my eyes and eyelids - so now I also had swollen eyes. It seems to be getting better but is extremely dry and still red and whenever I put aqueous cream on it seems to dry it out more and feels like I have some sort of yucky film on my skin. I am also using a little bit of pure grapeseed oil to try and reduce to dryness.

Any suggestions. It seems I am allergic to petroleum based creams and also to parabens and other stabalisers.

Anyone else experienced this - it is taking so long to heal.

Thank you

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  • Thank you for that suggestion. I did that and a jar of his special cream is on its way to me.

  • Aqueous cream is an irritant: and that's clearly borne out by your problems with it! Sounds like you're better off just sticking with the grapeseed oil for now.

    I've just said this in a reply to someone else: also look at using products without sodium lauryl sulphate (sls), methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone, they're also known irritants but manufacturers still seem to stick them in most soaps/shower gels/face washes/shampoos. Try Holland & Barrett for alternatives.

  • have you seen a skin specialist?

    this could be rosacia

    I have rozex creamhave

  • I have an appointment the week after next. It is very difficult to see a dermatologist here for some reason - most are booked up till September and\or are not taking on new patients.

  • good luck with your appt

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