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Red burning face

Red burning face

I have a question I hope someone can help me out with please. For the past year I was told I have rosacea then recently I seen someone else and they said it wasn’t rosacea. Makes since cause nothing worked and I tried everything. Does anyone have an idea of what it could be? My face starts flushing about 2:00 everyday no matter what I do. I can see little blood vessels all over my face . I don’t have no pimples just red hot cheeks. Thanks for the help.

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Just wondered if it could be an allergy of some kind, could something you have at lunch be a trigger.

Food allergies can show up on the skin. Have you tried an antihistamine when it happens n see if it cools your redness down.

Then again I know certain foods can make rosacea worse. Things like alcohol

Or do you have a sneaky smoke at lunch

It's horrible having face redness, i have rosacea and the only thing that helped was laser therapy and dermatologica calm products....both pricey tho but I also get hives all over...including my face if I have anything containing shellfish

Just one other thought could it be stress induced, is it hard getting back to work in the afternoons, maybe try something different to what you usually do before 2pm n see what happens



I don’t smoke and even if I skip lunch the flushing will start about the same time. I’m sick of it but don’t know what to do.i take Inderal but it don’t really work in the evenings


I have had problems with flushing and red face since teens. Then I had something similar to you last year, the dermatologist diagnosed sebhorreic dermatitis where the immune system attacks the yeast in your body. The meds they gave me made it worse so I went online to a sufferers group. They recommended spraying/washing my face morning and night with Apple cider vinegar. After a week the red burning patches started to disappear leaving a very light pink stain. So I continue to use the ACV and 9 months on it seems to work.

May be coincidence but it's a very cheap treatment so worth a try.

Good luck.


I have dermitites too. How did you get the flushing to stop?


I still get flushing/sweating but my med,methotrexate, doesn't help.

The ACV seems to help with the rosacea and SEB dermatitis.

Let me know how you get on - really hope it helps.


Oh I think I might try apple cider vinegar, I've got an overgrowth of yeast on my arms and legs resulting in patches of white no pigment skin. Been trying very expensive shampoo but not helping, might try a bit of apple cider vinegar on a cotton wool pad


please go back to your doctor and ask for a blood test it may show something up that may be triggering the problem I cant use apple cider vinegar on my face it flares up but if you are trying just try a very small area first I cleanse with micellar water and a cotton pad which is good for any sensitive skin and use BIODERMA cream there are different ones so go on line and see which one may be suitable for you a tube lasts for months as only need a little and brilliant for even the most sensitive skin good luck


What do they need to test for? I have done several already and what they tested for come back negitive. What should I telll them to check for?


Seems like irritation to me. I own a skincare business and we have a regimen that can help. Let me know if you’d like me to send some more info on it. Best of luck


Hi Loganstew93,

( Be forewarned, this reply is lengthy. )

Digestive problems and food sensitivities generally play a part with skin issues. Dairy, gluten, and sugar are the major offenders; eggs can be as well for some. First, reduce amount of sugar in your diet. (This is sage advice to stick to for the rest of your life.) Then start by eliminating all dairy. Keep the rest of your diet the same. Give it at least 4 weeks to see if you notice any kind of improvement. Skin reactions to dairy can take several days to a week or two to actually make it to the surface of the skin. (But, this can also be said for almost any sensitivity. So, that is why you start with the usual culprits and go from there.) The redness occurring at about the same time everyday doesn't necessarily mean it is from something you just ate. It could be from anywhere within the time period between outbreaks to something that you ate days before, quite possibly something that you don't eat everday, but that you eat at regular intervals. Regardless, it means that this offending substance is pretty much always in your system. If you don't see any kind of improvement avoiding dairy, then you can add dairy back in and remove eggs for 4 weeks, then gluten, etc. I would definitely start with dairy, though.

Note: In my experience, it's best to not eliminate dairy and eggs at the same time. You may very possibly have a sensitivity to one, but not the other. Eliminating them at different times is a good way to go about it. Because, no one wants to have to eliminate more foods than are absolutely necessary:))

I agree that ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) is a great toner for the face. Start by mixing 1 part ACV to 4 parts water to see how you tolerate it. You can go as high as 50/50 ratio if you have tough skin. This helps with normalization of acid mantle of the skin, as well as helping to keep yeast and demodex mites on the skin in check. It also helps control scaly skin, and is great for scalp conditions. Also, aloe vera gel is soothing and healing. You can add apricot kernel oil or fractionated coconut oil with the gel to make a great moisturizer.

It would be a VERY GOOD IDEA:) if you started taking a good multi-strain probiotic with at least 10 different strains. It doesn't have to be the most expensive or the highest number of CFUs (Colony Forming Units). What is important is the VARIETY of the strains. You can't have healthy skin without healthy gut bacteria.

One other thing to consider is the Inderal. Did the flushing begin after you started it, or was it prescribed for the flushing? You may be reacting to one or more of the fillers, and that could be why it isn't helping. But, if the cause of the flushing is diet related, then removing the offending food(s) is the only way to resolve it. If, however, the Inderal is for migraine, blood pressure, etc. then maybe the doctor could prescribe a different beta blocker if it turns out that you were reacting to something in it.

Lastly, I want to say I know exactly how humiliating it can feel. I suffered from severe flushing of my neck and chest for the majority of my life, up until a few years ago. And I ain't no spring chicken....Nothing helped it when it flared, and it flared every single day, multiple times a day. Come to find out, I have had Celiac Disease the whole time. When I stopped eating gluten, the flushing DISAPPEARED. I am also dairy intolerant. My facial dermatitis flares terribly if I eat dairy. I can tolerate high quality ghee occasionally, but that is about it. Luckily, I have no problem eating eggs. Diet really can make a big difference.

The take away of it all is to hang in there. It takes time and patience to figure this stuff out and to heal..... Always remember to treat yourself kindly, even when you don't want to. Hope some of this info helps you find your answers. All the best.😊


Thanks for the comment. The inderal was for the flushing. It help till about two then nothing helps. I just don’t know what to do bc I was told it was rosacea then I got told it’s not.i just want the flushing to stop.


you didn't say which tests you had carried out I had an allergy test carried out and an sensitive to a few things which I now avoid. I can eat eggs cooked any way but not raw as in Mayo as get a nasty rash which is painful as well as unsightly. blood tests can reveal problems i got referred to a Dermatologist which I paid for but some G Ps are more sympathetic and do on NHS. if it is only happening after 2pm perhaps you are eating /drinking something which irritates you. we are not experts we know what helps us as individuals I always seek professional help . as i said i cleanse with bioderma micellar water and use their sensibo cream to moisturise i use their BB tinted cream as a makeup and it hides all redness not cheap but there are far more expensive items out there this works for me and a tube lasts for months . these were recommended by my dermatologist( a female ) who understood the cosmetic / self confidence point of view . good luck


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