Dermatitis on hands

Hi, I've been suffering from dermatitis on the palms of my hands for over a year now. At first I could get control it with the use of steroid cream but recently it just won't get better.the worst thing is I can't pinpoint what I'm allergic to. It's now started to really get me down, has anyone got any advice on what can help? I would be so grateful!

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  • I find that if I avoid all hand washes (I carry a small bottle of hand sanitiser round in my bag all the time), and avoid SLS then the dermatitis I used to suffer from is minimised - not gone completely, but very small patches now compared to what it was before. I rarely use steroid cream now, but I do use Aveeno body lotion frequently. If I'm at home/work I use it after every time I wash my hands.

  • Thankyou for your reply, I avoid sls too, I will try the aveno and hand sanitiser too :)

  • I changed from using Persil Non-bio laundry tablets to Fairy Non-bio and the pomphlyx eczema on my palms gradually disappeared. I only use Dermol to wash my hands and have found Neutrogena unscented concentrated Norwegian Formula to be very moisturising and reduces itching. But it's always a case of trial and error.

  • Thankyou...I will see about getting dermal...we have changed our washing powder too to a plant based one instead, hasn't had any effect..I'm wondering if it may be stress related rather than an allergy which is a vicious cycle as the more the dermatitis comes back the more stressed I feel!. It began when I started to learn to drive which I found and still do find extremely stressful. I also wondered if I was allergic to the plastic the steering wheel and gear stick is made of!. I am booked in at the doctors next week and am going to push to get a referral to a dermatologist so hopefully will get some answers soon! :)

  • Is it only one palm? Can u post a photo?

  • Hi, it was only on one palm for about a year, in the last 2weeks or so it has appeared on the other palm too. I don't know how to upload a picture?

  • Hi I have really bad attacks on both hands and feet - no one knows what the cause is, had it for 20 years, I have never been free of it but I find antihistamine tablets help to take the itch away, I had to ask my doctor for strong ones as the ones over the counter were not strong enough, but may be ok for your needs - I find that if you can control the itch it's 3/4's of the battle. Hope this helps

  • Hi, thanks for the reply, sorry ur having this problem too and for so long!. I purchased some medisure cotton gloves last week, put on loads of moisturiser and then put the gloves on for half an hour or so, have done this 3/4 times a day and the improvement has been amazing!.I Just put a little hydrocortisone cream on if I spot it's flairing up a little. Wear them at night too and they're not itching at all!also wearing them when doing house work and laundry and inside rubber gloves for washing up and washing hair. I've got a doctors appointment next week for it and sods law it's nearly cleared up!

  • proskin excema by mama naturals is said ti work great. I half been reserching this product and it gets great write ups. My cuz uses there psoriasiis salveation and it has worked like a miracle. Maybe the proskin excema will also be a miracle.

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