advice on how to get rid of stretch marks

hi guys i was wondering what advice you have in stretch marks.

i only started to get stretch marks when i gained weight as i use to be anorexic and i weighed 4 stone and i was referred to the hospital and i am now 17 and i weigh 13 stone and im very happy with my body i just feel like my boyfriend finds me unattractive due to my stretch marks but when i ask him he says he loves them because they are a part of me

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  • No creams, gels, oil ll get rid of stretch marks. Never. Even laser treatment ll not get rid of them.If they r red or dark blue after a year or two they ll get white, so nobody ll see them. But if u loose weight, the skin where the stretch marks are ll be baggy because in them areas there is no elasticity and collagen.

  • thank you Mendy, ive been running around crazybuting stretch mark cream and bio-oil and i didnt realise until now that they didnt work and will stretch marks always be there?

  • Princess-2, they ll fade and be like white lines under the skin. Nobody ll pay attention. I have them since 16. They r white now. When you sunbathe u see them because they dont tan( they are under the skin). I also did laser treatment which made them worse.

  • how can i stop being embarrassed about them? i havemt been this embarrassed about my body since i weighed 4 stone and how can i feel more comfortable with my body?

  • just look at people around, nobody is perfect. Everybody has something( extra weight, bad hair, spots). So the best thing is not to pay attention on them because nothing works tocmake them go

  • thank you Mendy! x

  • Bless you. I'm old now,39 this year and I thought by now I would not care about my body and to an extent that is true,but now I want to look well for me,not for others.

    My 1st stretch marks came at 15, everyone has at least one somewhere and when they fade they are no big deal.

    I'm covered in thread veins and red patches that are far uglier than stretch marks!I wear my stretch marks with pride and a symbol of my children. Yours show your success over a disease you had amazing strength to conquer, many adults don't succeed as you have, wear them with pride and see others as their stories too.

    Love yourself xx

  • i'd love to love my body but i just cant im so embarrassed as i have stretch marks everywhere and im always doubting myself thinking my boyfriend of 3 years deserves better xx

  • Trust me, he doesn't see your stretch marks. Because of your previous anorexia you probably focus too much on stretch marks. Well done for tackling that horrible illness. Bio oil is supposed to work, can't say I know as I have lots of marks on my body,but,am confident that my oh loves my body. Try to focus on how happy you are to be able to eat and how great things are for you. They do fade a bit. If you can, excercise so you are nice and toned. Also it will help to chase away negative thoughts. You know you can do it. Good luck.

  • Well dermalmd stretch mark cream is the best for prevent stretch marks during pregnacy I tell all my friends and family b/c it is not well advertised but really needs to be! I was huge for my small frame by the end of my twin pregnancy and didn't end up with any stretch marks. Later, after the births, I nursed and stopped the product. I ended up with deep purple marks on my I bought more dermalmd cream and have already noticed the purple turn to a slight red...I won't be surprised if they are gone completely in another month. Though dermalmd stretch mark cream seems expensive for a tiny amount, it is definitely worth it! I think it works best as a preventive method.

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