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Lichens Planis

I've been suffering from lichens planis for a couple of years now but thankfully have only had a few episodes of it. I'm currently suffering from a bad bout and once I stop using the prescribed steroid cream, the symptoms return.

Please can anyone provide any further advice on treatment or lifestyle changes to make in order to treat this awful thing

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Hi I have lichen planus of the skin , lichen planopilaris of the scalp . The consultant tried every cream that was available the only one that gave me a bit of relieve was Elecon steriods cream and scalp lotion , but still have flares , so in January he put me on 20 mg steriods which seem to keep the inflammation under control . I am now down to 4mg the skin is quite good but the itch in the scalp comes back about once a week but I can live with that they don't hold out much hope of my hair growing back so that has upset me badly . Hope this helps . Jane


Hi I ment to ask if you were diagnosed after a biopsy , as he thought it was eczema until he done a biopsy of my scalp and face . Jane


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