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Anyone heard of quickrelief excema and psoriasis treatrment?


got this randomly in my inbox this morning and cant tell if it is from a reputable source or is junk

I always want to believe that there is a miracle cure but am ultimately pessimistic after 30 years of suffering with psoriasis

website is - can anyone vouch for it?

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Seems to good to he true but for money back guarantee lots of ppl would give it a go. May be worth running the ingrediants past a dermatologist to make sure it won't do ant harm...


I just noticed the price list, and alarm bells are ringing. I'm sorry, but it seems to me that this is just another site trying to take advantage of people with skin probelms and relieve them of their cash.

I notice they claim a 98% success rate, but there are no scientific studies quoted that prove this to be true. Also they claim to have won awards, but if you click on it, the link just takes you to the orders page.

There seems to be no evidence backing up the claims on this site. If the product was genuine and works in 10 days, like they claim, why are the only buying options for 3, 6 or 12 month supplies? A genuine product would offer a trial bottle or a smaller initial bottle to see if it suits you. This has SCAM written all over it.

Would just like to mention yellow dock root as a possible treatment to relieve itching caused by skin rashes. I haven't yet been able to try this myself, but am hoping to find a uk distributor. When I do, I shall definitely try this herbal treatment for my skin condition which has no name other than under the broad umbrella of "dermatitis." The doctors who have looked at my skin have no solutions and the latest consultant simply said he could only treat the symptoms. Previously I have had steroids (internal and topical), anti-histamine tablets, UBV light treatment and many and varied skin emollients.

If anyone has used yellow dock with success it would be good to know. If not a cure, then possibly a "relieving" agent. I have seen some capsules available online but think they are US-based suppliers. Also, I would need to know what other constituents are involved in the particular product as often "carrying agents" can prove troublesome.

I hate to say it but I don't think there is a miracle cure for eczema or psoriasis. After 50 years of suffering with it, I've tried most things. Different diets can ease the condition but it doesn't completely heal for very long. When I was in the skin hospital with my eczema, I met a girl who had psoriasis and her Husband took her to the Dead Sea and it cleared her skin. Unfortunately we lost touch so I don't know how long her skin stayed clear. But obviously not everyone can afford such luxuries. Psoriasis clears in the sun as the UV rays help but not all eczema sufferers benefit from the sun. I am better in the Summer yet my friend with the same condition is worse and is more comfortable in the Winter. Yoga and relaxation exercises help with any skin condition as stress can aggrevate the nervous system which causes the itching. When my skin was really bad, I would start scratching if I got tired or stressed or nervous, then the itch would move and I would follow it around my skin until eventually it stopped. But by that time, I would end up shaking ! I have been taking 'oil of evening of primrose' capsules and these have helped alot. My skin is softer and I have better days now. I stick to 'Simple' toiletries and wear perfume on my clothes rather than my skin. Wearing cotton next to the skin is beneficial aswell as it keeps the skin cooler for longer. The nurses (or angels as we called them) in the skin hospital always advised to get as much sleep as we could as our skin heals as we sleep. Keep nails short so you can't scratch in your sleep or wear cotton gloves. When washing up or cleaning with strong products use Boots own derma lined rubber gloves. I would be lost without those.

I don't have eczema, but I know of people with psoriasis and eczema that have sworn by a particular type of Aloe Vera in its purest form and bee propolis creme that has helped with remarkable results in as little as 4 months! This was the same for me with icthyosis. I now have my skin cleared of build up of scales and dry skin by about 80%. I also agree with the sleep thing and diet, as I make sure that I am in bed by 10pm, as between 10pm and 12pm, this is the vital time that the body does its repairing and regeneration and repair of skin cells etc, something to do with melanoma, especially when all lights are out!

Hey, earlier this year i got told by my GP I have guttate psoriasis and I have spots everywhere from head to toe and also have scalp psoriasis. I fount this very upsetting because I had no idea what it was and even though people were supporting me as a 21 year old single mother who enjoys going out everywhere I got into a depressed mode and lived in PJs, wouldnt leave the house and didn't use anything to help me. After weeks of being depressed I had enough and logged onto the internet and researched into what guttate psoriasis actually is, I was shocked to see how long it can last for and that it never goes once cleared up it only goes into remission. This was a wake up call i needed and i knew i needed to do something about it, i looked on internet and searched for best treatments to use, this is what I have come up with treatments for me

Oral Treatment

* Omega 3 Fish Oil Tablets - 1x day

* Echinacea With Golden Seal Root Tablets - 3x day

* Multi-Vitiamn Tablets - 1x day

I take these tablets because they contain ingredients which will flush your system out and help build the immune sytem up. Best place i fount to buy these is in Holland and Barratt.

Body Lotions

I use aloe vera cream morning and night as its soothes and hydrates and helps with the itching feeling which seems to come on worse at night especially with bed covers I personally find it best to sleep in a lightweight blanket/sheet on warmer nights

Bath & Shower Gel

* Polytar Shampoo helps with psoirais on my scalp but also i find it good to use the polytar shampoo as a shower gel

* Every third day I bath in dead mineral sea salts which is honestly the best treatment that really helps me, and how relaxing, bit of music on warm bath with salts feels a little bit of heaven

* Soaps - I have 2 different soaps and both do different things but still same kind of simiular, one is a dead sea mineral mud soap which you find on chemists online, this is fantastic stuff as it works brilliant on psoriasis on the face and also a seaweed soapbar from Lush and this really helps the itching on the hands and inbetween fingers.

BathBombs - I find the the "big blue one" bath bomb from Lush is brilliant as it contains sea salt with seaweed, not only feel like being on holiday but this does actually help alot more than you would think.

Facial Cleansers - Like I already stated the dead sea mud mineral soap works well on the face for washing but cleanser which really makes your skin and neck feel 100% nourished is Aqua Marine Cleanser from Lush, Just look at the ingredients and you'll see why.

These products are all very good to use but some of the most important treatment doesnt cost a penny which are

* Plenty of relaxation and Sleep

* Get as much sun as you can, Living in England this one is quite difficult

* Keep calm, Destress

* Exercise

* Diet, read up on google internet which diet is best with your psoriasis

* Water, Try and drink 2 litres a day this does sound a lot but honestly its really not...

Thank you for reading this and if i have helped anybody then I am a happy lady, thank you!

Cherie =)

simmoess in reply to Chez90

Hi Cherie - How wonderful of you to put all of this research down for others to work with. I have had psoriasis for 54 years and to see somebody as young as you being so positive is great.

My mum also had psoriasis and whenever I complained 'why me?' she would say that I should consider myself lucky that I didn't have something a lot worse. At times mine will flare and really annoy me but it always seems to calm down eventually. You seem to be doing all you can to keep yours under control and approaching it from the holistic way as well as the orthodox, Hopefully 'The British Skin Foundation' or another research group will come up with some answers soon for us to make our life a little easier.

Good Luck

We are all different genetically so what works for someone may not for others. please see my answers elswhere on the use of Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) capsules, not swallowed but applying the oil directly on the skin. That is not magic either, I doubt few things are.

It worked for my eczema, Betnovate did not, but the stronger Dermovate suppressed the condition, though did not cure it. Irinically for me, I dropped the Dermovate and went to an EPO hand cream, then sold by Tesco, very cheaply and the amount provided would last for months. Fairly soon after I found it, they discontinued it, so I then went to using the oil in the capsules. Currently my balance seems restored and if I feel a bit of itching, I just use the odd bit of EPO.

Well I have a friend who has eczema and he told me about this product called Dexem repair cream. He says that Dexem repair cream has worked far better than other creams in regards to soothing his itching and irritations while clearing his skin.

So I checked out the Dexem repair cream website and they say the cream is safe to use on the skin of infants, children and adults, not based on harsh chemicals or toxic substances and has no side effects.

This is the website link:

But I guess it comes down to what zurraspa says "we are all different genetically so what works for someone may not for others".

I'm guessing the practical thing to do is sample various products and see what works best for you . Although it could be pricey, you may stumble on just the thing you were looking for. Be careful, but also be open minded and positive.


Of course you are absolutely correct - they are no such things as miracle cures which have longevity - there are plenty of patients who get short term temporary relief from all sorts of strange manoeuvres but long term you need sensible treatment and persistence - good luck - has some good solid facts for you


I do hate emails like this, that are taking advantage of the misery that some of us are suffering with our various skin conditions. If this product really worked, then the Doctors we see, would prescribe it for us and, in fact, we would all be cured.

jman3000 in reply to Hidden

I have given up going to the doctors as the last few things I have tried have come from other people and when I went to the doctors they were always ignorant to my condition and were only driven by what I told them/ asked them to prescribe.

usually these things work for a short time and then they stop like everything else

last one I tried was dovobet ointment which worked really well for about 3 months (put it on every eve for a week and then was nearly clear for the 3 months) next time put it on for a week and it lasted about 1.5 months. this was a while ago now and I haven't bothered as it is winter when it usually fixes itself anyway. maybe will take another look when it gets to summer if it flares up again

wouldn't it be nice to see a cure !!!

Psoriasis is caused by blockage of skin with wind, damp, heat and pathogen. The symptoms are usually red papules that occur on the skin of the scalp, trunk and extensor aspect of limbs. The papules gradually expand and merge into patches or plaques with thick silver scales on the surface. The patches or plaques are of irregular shape, some take the shapes of map or island, yet some are smaller but more, with the appearance of starry sky and with the scales shedding off layer after layer. A layer of red film can be seen by scraping off the scales gently, and small hemorrhage dots can be seen by scraping off the red

Hidden in reply to stephnie

Don't know where you got your information from regarding Psoriasis but what you state as the cause is incorrect, it's actually an Auto Immune Disease. If you eat or take drugs that improve your Immune System then you will cause your Ps to increase what you need is something that will dampen down your Immune System. In addition your whole body can be covered and not just patches. Who am I? Someone who has lived with this disease for 61 years, whose skin has had all the different forms of Ps and have had huge flares along with ebbing to small sites. I also have PsA now to add to the mix.



I have been taking EPO for some time now with no effect. I've just tried out your suggestion of rubbing it into the skin. How many times a day, and how many capsules do you use. My skin condition is as yet undiagnosed (punch biopsy on 6th May) but I will try anything safe and within reason to get some relief until I get my diagnosis (if they find out what it is) and possible treatment.

Fudge57 in reply to Hidden

Hi any follow-up from you I've usued EPO but it didn't do anything to help me I'm now trying coconut oil to see if that does any good you seem to start off with something and it helps for a bit and then it stops working it's an absolute minefield

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