What are these on my hands please...Anyone know? (See photo)

What are these on my hands please...Anyone know? (See photo)


I am terribly worried about these cuts that never heal.

The big one has been on my left hand for about 5 years and has never healed. (See photo)

I have another one on my thumb which started off as a blood blister as result of a fall and now is refusing to heal and going the same way as the big one.

And to cap it all I've now got one on my right hand. Another cut that won't heal.

Please, please does anyone know what these are and how I can get them gone?

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  • Why don't you just go and ask the doctor or nurse. Are you diabetic, wounds don't heal with that. Good luck ,don't worry, find out.

  • I am on the same page as OliveMay, please see your GP and if need be seek dermatology referral. This open sore is just asking for infection to set in and that will cause more problems. Good luck with finding answers and appropriate treatment xx

  • Thanks for both your replies.

    I have seen a doctor and a dermatologist but neither had seen what I have before!

    I also had skin biopsy which revealed nothing.

    That's why I'm on here!

    5 years on and still have open sore which sometimes is raw other times is not.

    Also seem to have more coming :(

  • Two suggestions: 1) Try medicinal honey ointment, which you can get from your local pharmacy. Vetramil is one brand marketed for pets, but it works in people too (this is what I use). Clean your skin with 1% hydrogen peroxide or betadine. Then rinse with sterile saline solution (such as a contact lens solution). Pat dry with a cotton pad (make-up remover pads work well and they are cheap). Then, apply the honey cream and wrap with cotton gauze. I use "vet rap" to cover the gauze because it makes a nice waterproof outer wrap. They probably sell something similar at your pharmacy. If not, then get silk adhesive tape. Try this for 3 days. If you don't see any improvement, then consider using a bacitracin-neosporin antibiotic cream for people. I have terribly sensitive skin and when I get little cracks in the skin, just using a skin moisturizer does not work for me. I have apply antibacterial cream and wrap my hands. I do this at night when I go to bed and remove the gauze in the morning. It heals up the crack. But for what look like blisters, where all the skin is gone (like your photo), I first try the honey cream. That usually works for me. But in cases where it does not work, then I use the bacitracin-neosporin (or neomycin) cream. That usually clears it up and then I follow up with the honey cream. Medicinal honey cream is purified honey. It provides natural healing. It's not that good for deep cuts and punctures, but for wounds that are not deep, it works well. It is also good if you have dry skin. I can't say whether what works for me will help you, but you can try it. The honey cream is a bit pricey, but bacitracin-neo cream is pretty cheap. It's also called "first aid" cream and you can get it at your pharmacy without a prescription (unless you are in the Netherlands - very weird system there). I'm sorry about your skin problems. My hands get cut or blistered pretty easily because I do some woodwork and I have some animals which eat hay. I find the hay sometimes cuts my hand and I also wash my hands a lot, so the soap eventually dries them out. I notice this more in the winter than in the summer time. Good luck to you!

  • Thank you :)

    I will give it a try

  • Ohy my goodness so vexed for you then. What a horrible situation.......someone in BSF may be able to advise you?

  • Try using virgin coconut oil. Rub it on the blisters/wounds 2 times a day. It worked with me and if it doesn't it wont hurt either.

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