What are these little blood spot things? Worth mentioning to my GP?

What are these little blood spot things? Worth mentioning to my GP?

Hi, first post here so hello everyone. I've got all sorts of symptoms I've been back and forth to the GP, specialists for about 4 years now and we're still looking for the cause of my issues, they vary far and wide from Kidney issues to anxiety. Anyway, in my desperate search for the answer to what's wrong with me I'm looking into every little thing I can't explain or that troubles me to see if it can help in any way. Long shot I know but still..

Anyway, I get these pin prick blood spots on my arms, legs and chest. Mostly on the upper arms but I do get some bigger ones on my forearms and chest (I say bigger I mean ball point pen sized instead of pin prick size) I've attached some pictures to help, I'd appreciate any help of info anyone has.


Alex :)

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  • Sorry Alex I am unable to help but just wanted to say hi and welcome you to this lovely forum where we can rant, help, support and get ideas. maybe best to head back to your GP to get some idea if the blood spots could be connected to another condition

  • Hi, I get the occasional blood spot too but can also look like freckles and eventually I think they turn to freckles because they just seem to disappear. I have just got another on my chest this last couple of weeks so I will watch this more closely now and let you know but it seems to be harmless. I did have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis as a child which disappeared at 15 and I feel I do get the odd touches of wear/tear in my joints especially now I am getting older again, may be this is just the return of rheumatism but because it has damaged all my joints, it can't do much more to me now as I always try and eat healthy, keeping off animal fats and have olive oil when I need to roast or fry anything as I know this helps keep the pain/inflammation away. Hope you find out the cause of yours.

  • Unresolved chest infections can cause spots ... Can't remember name of bacteria but I would go see gp if you have chest infection

  • Hi there, I have been looking at this website for help with something completely unrelated to your problems but just happened across your question.

    We have a hereditary disease in our family called Aderson-Fabry, usually known as just Fabry disease. It is part of a group of diseases known as Lysosomal Storage Disorders and comes in different forms, some more severe than others but is essentially a genetic mutation that means your body is missing or has reduced levels of an enzyme in the blood that clears out 'rubbish' from breakdown of old cells. The body can not rid itself of this rubbish and stores it wherever it can put it which eventually causes problems. Those problems can include kidney problems and an abnormally high level of the 'blood spots' on the skin that you mention, amongst others.

    The disease is apparently little known (even to many GP's) and is often a long time in being diagnosed in an individual because of its rarity and varied presentation. I suggest that it might be worth mentioning it but also suggest that you avoid researching it as the internet provides more misinformation on the subject than help.

    I would imagine it is highly unlikely that your condition is related to Fabry disease but I understand the experience of suffering from unresolved medical problems and felt I could not move on from your question without offering this line of enquiry to you.

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