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Was wondering if anyone can help me on managing on what I assume is discoid eczema?


So several weeks ago, I would say probably late Feb early March I had an itchy spot on my arm which I scratched. It was nothing but a nuisance spot for a couple of days until it developed in to a perfect circular patch. At first it was the size of a 10p to 50p coin but slowly started growing and expanding. Was red and slightly dry (flaky edges) but very itchy! Anyways couple weeks passed and it just keeps growing larger and larger nd I can't deal anymore. I used HC cream and ointment first couple weeks and when I noticed that was no longer helping moved to Eumovate. Whilst also using e45. I've tried dermovate but nothing is keeping it down whilst they look like they work the first day by day two the creams no longer work :( I recently purchased aveeno and after couple weeks use I saw improvement but again its not going. I'm really self conscious about it. Its right in the middle of my arm. Anyways couple weeks ago I got another spot which developed again into a second circular patch. This one looks a little like ringworm but not if that makes sense - it more like a circular cloud or flower shape but still very round. I've put on savlon at times when I've felt it becoming infected by too much itching and scratching. Night times are the worst too! Please again if anyone can offer advice, I'm absolutely fed up now and the original patch just seems to be expanding on my arm 😭

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Same tbing happen fo me excelt using medixation made it worse. Idc what the drs say try using anti parasitic essential oil.with peroxide and some vinegar. Let me know what comes out of it. If its round and hard then small rocks might come out of it dont trip out if it does. Use garlic and onion on it as well idc.how crasy this all seeks but ive been taking cate of me fkr three years and the drs havent done a dam thing. I knkw my remedy does work too

Besides that i read in the 1800 disvord is a paradite and doexnt like the sun so it gets worse. Wish i still had the articke. To be honest i tried the medications drs gave me and boy was it yhe worse month of my life had to hit it with what i tokd you and im not 100 percent better but i am at tge best ive been in 3 years its a cycke too 6-8 weeks. Learn your symptoms and study its cycle i promise you ince you do this you get a grip on it and it will fade away but it might try and hit you other places harder so dont just do a part of your body do it all hot bathes with all i told you and boil lemon in the water will help. Use orange peel or tangerines on your skin. All this will make your skin look and feel great

You could also try a colloidal silver cream/ointment. Wound care doctors give their patients bandages and ointments with colloidal silver in them because they speed healing.

The best cream I have ever come across is Vaseline intensive care Advanced repair it only costs around £2 in Savers

Try taking half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in water a couple of times a day are you male or female?

Female aged 23, thanks for the advice I'll give it a try

Are you on the contraceptive pill as this can trigger eczema

women experience autoimmune disorders more than men estrogen in the pill can cause eczema

Some women find taking dhea helps their eczema dramatically it is worth trying

Female, aged 23. Just for updates it's still there and expanding. I have good calm days and some really inflamed itch days 😣

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