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Juvenile Acne

My daughter has had acne since she was 7 and we have tried everything from Dermatologists and doctors giving her antibiotics. The Dermatologists gave her topical creams that burnt her skin and really didn't seem to do anything for her on the NHS. She stopped going about 18 months ago. We went to a beautician who cleansed her skin and gave us expensive cleansers but that didn't work and only marked her skin. Now we just cleans with on the shelf cleansers morning and night. Her face is covered with small spots which erupt ,but mainly dark black heads on her lips and her nose developing large blackheads. She has them in her ears. Her shoulders are sore with red spots, which erupt. I really don't know how to help her or what treatment she needs now. Going into secondary school and puberty spots are expected but she does have a lot for her age. If we can find the right treatment it will help her cope as she is getting very depressed about them. Please can someone help

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Hi Lewby,

Your daughter sounds like she's having a really tough time.

I don't have acne, but there are several sites that provide some good information on management and treatment. 'Changing Faces' also offers advice, information and emotional support to those with conditions that affect the skin.

All the best,


Acne - British Association of Dermatologists.

Acne Management - DermNet NZ.

Acne Treatment - Acne Academy.

Changing Faces - Help and information for you and your child.


Might be worth trying to find the root cause of the acne - is it hormonal? endocrine? Ask your GP if its worth doing any testing or referring to a different kind of specialist to find out why its affecting her so badly.


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