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Tiny red dots

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I recently started noticing tons of these almost too small to see red dots on my skin. They’re mostly on my upper body (arms, torso, chest) and they’re not really clumped together. Some are in close proximity, but others are singular. They’re flat, under the skin, don’t hurt or itch. I had a baby 6 months ago and noticed some during pregnancy, but now there are way more. I’m attaching a picture that’s been zoomed in as close as I could get. The spots look darker in the photo. In person they’re bright red/pink. Anyone have anything like this that can offer any insight?

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I also have this someone please comment!? They don't hurt or cause any other symptoms it's strange?

Wondering if it could be hormone related given that it appeared during pregnancy?

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It looks like these are common during pregnancy due to increased blood flow, which makes sense. But I feel like I’ve gotten more postpartum. It could be hormone related...never thought of that.

Could be a simple allergy reaction. My OH used to get it years ago after eating Non free range Chicken.

Hi there.

Mine are identical to this too!

I got told a few years ago they were Cherry angioma but they are much smaller than the google images for that condition and identical to yours.

Mine have increased (I think) over time. Either that or I have paid closer attention now to them than I have before.

I will look to get a second opinion as mine do not come and go.

Where are yours located?

Mine are mainly on the tops of arms, a very small amount on my upper torso and tops of legs.

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Mine don’t come and go either, but I do have a decent amount of them. Mostly on my stomach. Also on my arms and chest. There are a few on my upper legs, but hardly any in comparison to other areas. It’s hard to see my back so they’re may be some there also.

Like you, I’m not sure if more have suddenly come on or if I’m just now noticing there are so many because I have a lot more time on my hands these days now that we are quarantined.

Some are so small that they’re barely noticeable and others are a little larger, but none as large as the cherry Angiomas that google shows, like you said.

I don’t have any weird symptoms so it’s pretty strange.

Have any that you’ve had for a while gotten larger? Or are they staying super small?

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They have (touch wood) stayed as they came up.

I am glad I have found this forum there are others that have this same skin complaint. I realise the doctor has previously confirmed these as a small version of cherry angioma but in isolation But as you said I can’t tell if I am just focusing more.

I have tried not to keep looking as it isn’t helping me! I have a photograph but I don’t think I can send it on the reply.

I had bloods done 2 years ago when I was showing the same style spots then and they came back clear.

Did you have any before pregnancy?

I have not had a baby, and had them for (what I have noticed) 10 years and I am now 30. I most likely had them before this but possibly didn’t notice. My sister has them also but in much much smaller quantities. My arms are my biggest affected area there must be hundreds. They don’t itch or are not rash like. They are almost sitting at the top layer of skin.

I am very pale naturally, which also makes them more noticeable.

The doctor did put my mind at ease so if it helps you give the doctors a call they might be able to check a photo if you send it to the surgery to save you from going there.

Sophie :) x

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I’m pretty pale myself, so I’m sure that makes them stand out even more. I did have a couple pre pregnancy, but those ones are larger and obviously cherry angiomas...although still small compared to what we find on google. I’m just desperately hoping all these teeny tiny things don’t turn into big cherries. I have so many :(

Did they check your kidney functions? You are getting extra work on then.

There is another post on the same thing. I get those and so does my brother. Not a big problem to us. they come and go. Don't know if it is a summer thing.

I wondered if it’s pregnancy related. I was pregnant and had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. I’ve always had these red dots but not as many as now. I noticed them more after the miscarriage. Went to Dermatologist and she said she’s not sure what it is and took pictures to show the specialist. She was talking about autoimmune disease but she just called to tell me to go get a biopsy tomorrow. Really curious to see what they are!

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Please write what disease is behind you. I have that too. :(

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So sorry to hear about your miscarriage :(

Hoping you’re doing okay. I’ve always had a couple myself, but definitely noticed more lately-a lot more. Some are so small they’re barely noticeable unless I shine a light on them Please keep me posted on the results of your biopsy. Super curious to see what these things are! Good luck and thanks for the reply!!

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Result said it’s benign and it’s nothing. She wasn’t sure so she sent pics to specialist to see if what I have is a sign of autoimmune disease or not and they don’t think it’s anything either.

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Thank you for updating me. That’s pretty reassuring that they are harmless :)

Does your doc think they will keep growing? do they think they are definitely cherry angiomas?

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I talked to the nurse on the phone and she said it’s a benign hemangioma which I don’t have to go back for treatment or anything. I guess... lol

I’m 1 year postpartum and noticed these tiny red dots all over my arms and belly going up. I had a few on my face around 7/8 months postpartum. Got on google and freaked myself out. Because of the pandemic I have been hesitant to go and get looked at. :( I may scheduling an Appointment next month for my annual well check and ask about these little tiny red dots.

I also have these. ( I'm so glad your situation sounds similar!) 7 months after my second baby too. Mainly on upper arms but a few on my stomach and thighs. Blood test last week and all was fine. DR didn't really have an explanation, just said to come back if get worse or develop other symptoms. Sorry I can't be of more help. Maybe its hormone related?!

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It sure seems like hormones play a part. I had bloodwork done a couple of months ago and nothing came up for me either. I sure would like to know for sure why so many just sprouted up seemingly out of no where. Hoping they stay as tiny as they are now.

I stopped hormonal birth control 8 months ago and just noticed these all over my skin. May be hormone related but I’ve read of some people getting them without being pregnant. I have so many theories but I honestly just want to know how to get rid of them. Been trying everything

I have the same tiny red dots on my arms, thighs and some on my belly. It is frustrating when you see 3 different dermatologists and they say that it’s cherry angiomas that just seem to show up after 30. I’m not even 30 yet and have what seems like thousands of those pinpoint blood dots. I did live in a rental house with old pipes and lots of calcium build up for 2.5 years, had a few stressful situations, quit taking birth control pills, tried to quit dairy and drink more almond milk, when those dots first showed up. Not sure if any of this is connected, but wanted to mention it just in case if anyone else has had the same things happening to them. Nearly every time I get my urine checked there is a trace of blood in it. Docs say it’s so tiny they are not concerned about it. I had a CT scan done for mysterious abdominal pain which came back clear. Blood work is fine.

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I also have thousands. I had many in my twenties and recently noticed a ton more. I also live in an older house. I lost weight this winter and I had covid. So don’t know if that’s a part of it. I too have trace blood everytime I have a urine test but they are not concerned. 🤔 My derm says cherry Angiomas and some people just have hundreds.

I have just posted with a picture almost identical . I’m 32 and 2 years postpartum and these started appearing . Stopped birth control 6months ago , so reading your comments maybe it is hormonal related 🤷‍♀️

I have a lot of those dots too, they looked like yours in my early 20s and now (starting 30s), they look bigger and more have appeared. They are all over my body, but there’s more on my arms and legs. According to my doctor, they are just cherry angiomas and nothing to be worried about health wise. It’s always good to check, though.

I’m in the process of getting some of the bigger ones removed since I really dislike them. These are common as you age, but I haven’t met people who are around my age and have as many as I do. They make me uncomfortable now that they are much bigger and that there’s many more of them.

how are you doin now?

So glad I've read this. I've got quite a few of these now, first noticed about a year ago (I'm 34). I asked my dr and he said they're a harmless sort of "age spot" type thing. My dr is so laid back about everything that I was still very worried and had convinced myself there was a serious underlying cause for them. I did get bloods done when they appeared first which came back fine but I am noticing more and more of them. They're not really noticeable to other people unless I point them out and are quite spread out. mainly on my arms with a few on my legs.

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