Large red, scaly patch on leg

Large red, scaly patch on leg

For a couple of years now, I have had a growing red, ill defined patch on my lower leg (above the ankle by a couple of inches). It's always dry no matter what I do to moisturize it. My GP thinks it's nothing to worry about, and that it's simply an area of skin that was injured and, due to poor circulation in our legs, it hasn't healed well. I am skeptical as I haven't injured it and it's getting bigger. Any ideas of what it could be? It's around 5cm wide/10cm long. Steroid cream has also not made a difference.

Addendum: I have also (in the last week) developed a mole a few inches from this lesion that I didn't have before.

With thanks.

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  • Well looking at it there may be a case for suspected psoriasis. You need to ho back to gp and ask for a referal to a Dermatologist. Especially if you have mole changes. GPs are exactly that general practitioners and not specialists. Be insistent psoriasis can take over if not treated as skin cells grow too fast ie in a few days rather than 6 weeks. Good luck

  • Many thanks, I will go back to my GP

  • I would have thought with the persistent and non-responsive scaly patch combined with mole appearance your GP should at the very least be referring you for further investigation by a dermatologist and possibly your local centre that investigates skin lesions.

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