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Sore red patch near eye

Hi all, I was hoping if someone might know what this might be.

I have had it for about a month, I have been to the doctors twice now first one said I had eczema and gave me a steroid cream, it made it less red but came back straight away on the two days off.

The other doctor said it is roseca and gave a cream that hasn't done anything apart from make my skin itch.

It is sore when rubbed and sensitive. I'm not a big make up wearer but have completely stopped for over a week as it is to sore to take off.

Diet hasn't changed or produces I use.

Any guidance would be appreciated. My skin on my face in general isn't great at the moment.

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I have a similar patch it's been there for about seven years. Had a punch biopsy and dermatologist said it is sun damage


Hi thank you for this, I will ask if it could be sun damage when next at Dr.

On Friday I went and had my skin looked at under on of those lights that shows up sun damage. Nothing for that area only a little on my nose.


Have you tried tea tree oil - don't get in your eye. As to diet, have you tried an anti-inflammatory diet?


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