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Hello all,

I am trying to raise awareness of how psoriasis sufferers feel about their condition by creating polls on my website in hope that people will give their input. I think it will be really useful to gather this information and write up the results so that people can see the way it affects lives. I don't generally have a lot of confidence to talk about my psoriasis and often shut down when someone directly asks me questions about it. I found a lot of comfort in creating my website and trying to help others out. I decided to create these polls to find out if others feel like me and to know that I am not alone. More importantly, to try to get people to realise that they are not alone with their fears and thoughts. It might also give an insight to people without psoriasis and help them understand how mentally effecting it can be.

I would greatly appreciate any ideas for questions/answers so if there is something that you would like to know if others feel then by all means, let me know and I will create a poll for it as well. They can be multiple answer questions or yes/no questions.

Please take a quick min to help me out by getting real data from people within the skin condition community. I understand that psoriasis isn't the only skin condition out there. So if you have a different condition please note that you are more than welcome to take part - you are equally as important!

The website is: livingwithpsoriasisblog.blo... and the poll questions are on the right-hand side.

Thank you so much! :)

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  • Hi, I do not have psoriasis, but have read quite a bit on it lately. Many skin conditions can be related to food, allergic reaction to some toxin, or an auto-immune illness. Check out "curing psoriasis with food". Get back to basics, cut out all processed foods and drinks. What you can and can't include depends on your individual make-up. I wish you luck, the answers are out there and they are to be found at the grocers, the market and the supermarket produce section, ideally organic, rather than at the doctors or the pharmacy.

  • Actually the doctors are the only ones who can help with this condition as it is Auto Immune Disease, therefore you should not take any medication unless it comes from the consultant or gp, as you could be exacerbating the condition rather than damping it down. As someone who has had Ps since birth and now has PsA as well I should know what I am talking about even though I am no medic. By the way am 60 years old rather than a newbie.

  • Whilst I agree that Doctors should have the answers, many of them unfortunately do not. Most are not trained in nutrition and do not realise or appreciate how important the link is with food and illness, beyond "eating a healthy diet". It is much more than that. Most will simply treat the symptoms and not look for the cause of a problem. And so with all due respect, if you are 60yrs old and have had this condition since birth, you and your Doctors are not aware of the cause(s), otherwise you would not still have it. There are answers out there, check out Dr John Bergman, Dr Mark Hyman (check out youtube) there are many very informative videos out there) and many others. Also read "The China Study" or other studies that clearly link many, many common conditions with food, toxins and allergies. It may be something that your body is missing or can't make itself rather than a particular food or foods that your are eating. I wish you good health for the future.

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