Does rosacea affect the scalp too?

I have had a red flush across my face for some time but it is a flat rash (was investigated for Lupus after a positive ANA but all other tests came back negative). Now though I have had angry red bumps (they have no head so not spots as such) come up on my face and head. They come up and then flatten the next day or so but leave a small brownish purple mark which as yet haven't disappeared. Some of them have then re-emerged as red bumps but not all. I saw a dermatologist for the redness before the bumps came up (a few weeks ago) who just said use antibiotics when the pimples come up but at that point I hadn't had any pimples - was not impressed - and they aren't pimples now, just bumps! Plus I used antibiotics for three months and it didn't make any difference. Anyone got any idea what it could be - or is it a form of rosacea?


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  • Hi Melodypond, Rosacea can occasionally spread beyond the face, but you could have another condition. If your Rosacea doesn't improve you may need a biopsy of your spots to get a proper diagnosis.

    I have a rare inflammatory skin condition called Sweet's syndrome, but was initially misdiagnosed and given antibiotic treatment for impetigo - it didn't work!

    Even if you do have Rosacea your treatment regime needs to be reviewed as it clearly isn't working. Sometimes Rosacea can be resistant to certain types of treatment - oral cotrimoxasole or metronidazole antibiotics, and Isotretinoin are used to treat resistant cases.

    Hopefully there's someone with Rosacea on this site that can provide you with further information.

    Take care.

    [NHS Choices] Rosacea

    [BAD patient information leaflet] Rosacea

    [National Rosacea Society - US based site] Rosacea Review: Scalp Symptoms & Preventive Measures

  • Thanks so much for your reply. I think finding an alternative treatment was what my doctor had in mind when she referred me to a dermatologist. He was quite frankly useless though. I have an appointment on Monday to see my GP again, I may ask for a second opinion. I have taken pictures of the spots as they have now mostly cleared - again, not sure they would clear within a few days without treatment if it was rosacea. I will have a look at the links you provided in the meantime. Thanks again. MP x

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