Depressing Rosacea

Hi all,new to this. I have started have loads of little pimples and redness around both sides of my nose and my t-zone, itchy. Doctor said it's rosacea. Tried so many creams from doctor and antibiotics but the only things that seems to work is a strong steriod cream which I don't want to keep using. Any tips from anyone on what I can use to keep it at bay and what is the best skin regime? Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks all


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  • hi samantha - has information and advice on skincare etc...sounds like you have type 2 rosacea - finca skin organics do a natural alternative to soolantra.....did the GP suggest Soolantra to you ? you would get it on NHS....

  • Hi fired, no haven't heard of soolanta what is that? They have tried me on anti bacterial cream, mycogel I think it's spelt, steriod cream which seems to work in the strong stuff but not the lower stuff and a few other creams which I can't remember now. I went on doxycycline antibiotics for 2 weeks that didn't work but apparently wernt on them for long enough so they have put me on them again for 6 weeks... the spots are now at the worst they have every bee,really depressing me now.

  • Soolantra is usually prescribed fpr type 2 rosacea which it sounds like yours is -it clears bumps and pimples and helps reduce redness somewhat -made especially for type 2 rosacea

  • I had rosacea for nearly 40 years. I tried every pill and lotion going. I found what i will call my cure by visiting a nutritionist who prescribed a range of supplements; I use cleanser and moisturiser from the calmin range and always wear a sunblock. I follow a low inflammation diet and my skin has ever felt better. I have been off all medication for several years now.

  • Hi lady north,thanks for the message. What would be a non inflammation diet?

  • If you google 'anti inflammatory diet' there will be a lot of information to help you. Please do try what is suggested - it made perfect sense to me once my nutritionist explained it to me. If you are inflamed on the inside then you will be inflamed on the outside too. Good luck - you need to give it a couple of months to work. Or if you can afford it please find a nutritionist who can advise and guide you. Good luck.

  • Hi Samanthaalli try the FODMAP diet worked for me, only have break outs when I eat something that doesn't agree with me.

  • I just saw this even if it's 13 days old. My sister has had rosacea for the last 10 years. It doesn't go away but has to be controlled and she has been on Minocycline which contains it.

  • Antibiotics do not cure Rosacea, and will actually make it worse over time = as they kill ALL beneficial bacteria in the gut.

  • What is the alternative then? She also has Type 1 Diabetes.

  • Try proskin rosacea by mama nature. It worked for me when everything else failed and my skin is almost completely clear except for some enlarged pores

  • Thanks, Tothemax, and I'll pass that along to my sister.

  • Rosacea and type 1 diabetes are autoimmune conditions. Check Dr. Axe website for informative articles on gut repair, probiotics, and autoimmune conditions. They are all tied together...

    He has a "heal and seal your gut" ebook that describes the program. It's free.

    He also has a very good book on the subject called "eat dirt" on amazon. The ebook version was only 2.99.

    Everyone should read this book...

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