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Day 2 Cold Turkey from steroid creams

I had a very restless night but not too much itching as I scratched before I went to bed and was already sore on my arms and back. I used the tubular bandages, cotton pyjamas and cotton gloves to try and stave off the temptation to scratch and was happy to wake this morning without any further damage.

So, it was off to the local car boot - lots of fresh air (actually VERY cold fresh air!) and I only bumped into 2 people I knew so didn't feel too bad! The wind made my eyes feel very tight and dry and it was a relief to have a 'balneum' bath when I got home. My face is very red today (I call it my monster face!) - all down the right side by my hairline is angry looking and a bit dry but before I drown it in moisturiser I thought I'd give it a chance to breathe first. I have a cupboard full of aromatherapy oils etc and may have a go at putting something together. I also have a cupboard full of emollients, E45, Oilatum, Cetraben - you name it I have it!

I've found that if I don't TOUCH, I don't itch and consequently don't scratch. Easier said than done of course as I'm sure any eczema sufferer knows.

I'm going to drink lots of water in the hope that this will flush out the steroids quicker.

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Hi Max_downes

My 10 year old son has always suffered very severely with his eczema, especially on his face, neck and hands. He has found DermaSilk undergarments REALLY effective and over the two years that we have been using them, we have more than halved the amount of steroid creams he has required and he gets way fewer infections. You can get them on prescription through your GP or online (but they are very expensive). There is a research article stating the "Clinical Effectiveness of a Silk Fabric in the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis" British Journal of Dermatology 2004 and also another "Antimicrobial Silk Clothing in the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis Proves Comparable to Topical Corticosteroids" Department of Dermatology. You might like to read these! Good luck!


Thanks for that advice Wrigglewraps, I will certainly try to get on prescription via hospital appointment tomorrow, if not, will try online. Will also read those articles you suggest. I have had so many helpful comments from people with various suggestions and will work my way through them all. I appreciate what works for some may not for others but at least it's hope! I had a really bad day yesterday but am prepared for highs and lows. Your poor son, it's so tough for children because it can make them feel so isolated.


Hi Max, congratulations on day 2!

I'm sorry to say that I found rebound started kicking in day 3 for me :-/ I have been going through steroid withdrawal for 2 years now, and I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is a very long and painful journey, but has been worth it for me - my skin is stronger and healthier now than it ever was on steroid creams. I also find that my health in general has improved - more energy, and less ear/sinus infections, no blepharitis, the list goes on!

Be careful with your aromatherapy oils, the skin gets hyper sensitive during withdrawal, so you might find yourself becoming sensitive to things that were ok previously.

Are you aware of and the google forum? You will find a lot of support there.

Best of luck! Nat



One advice I was given about itching was to try mild bleach. It has worked for me. A pharmacist whose daughter had eczema gave me this advice.

There is a reason for this. Many eczema sufferers lack skin oil. With a lack of skin oil bacteria can thrive and produce itching. Mild bleach will kill off these bacteria and as a result reduce the itching that the bacteria can cause.

I have to leave it to you to experiment on the dilution of bleach and water.


Thanks John,

Another one to try - I will work my way through all the recommendations! I've got a hair appointment this afternoon and traced my original outbreak of eczema back to having my hair dyed. Perhaps a bit of hydrogen peroxide might be ok!



Hi Max I have tried 100ml aqueous cream with 5 drops lavender and 5 drops tea tree as a topical help in between steroid cream applications and emollients. Lavender soothes and calms and tea tree clears infections. Good luck with steroid withdrawal. My dermatologist suggested pressing on the area if I felt the itch urge rather than scratching and sometimes I remember this after scratching for a bit!


Thanks for that tip and will try that some time. What I tried the other evening was olive oil with geranium, lavender, sandalwood and bergamol essential oils. Bit too oily as it made me itch and I had a bad night. Last night I just used cetraben and had a better night although I forgot to wear the gloves and did some damage whilst asleep. The aqueous cream sounds better certainly.



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