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Severe pure OCD and toxic work environment!

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I suffer from severe pure ocd and I am on meds. Working for 40 hours a week is sthg I can no longer handle. Though I am excellent at my job and I can multitask, but lately I have been put into a team where the team leader is a heartless, work obsessed, and extremely demanding person. She pressures all of us to show the company that she is working and earn a bonus from our own effort. The environment is highly toxic and you can neither express your opinion or voice out your concerns and if you do so, reports are directly issued against you. I am collapsing and can no longer bear the pressure especially that I have been assigned to do that kind of work while my qualifications are way too higher than that. I informed the company that I can no longer work on that team and that I have to leave in case my position does not change. All will be clear next week. Either I resign or I stay but I am really burnt out. Any advice?

13 Replies
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That sounds awful! It makes sense to me that you would want to leave. I’m glad you spoke up and requested a change. Have you considered taking even a small break from work?

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Luna-blade in reply to kvkvkv

Yes I am allowed to take breaks but the problem is that the environment is highly toxic and micromanaged. Besides, I am super qualified but the company does not seem to appreciate highly competent people. Others are granred high positions due to powerful relations. Lots of psychological pressure, abuse, demeaning, and belittlment. If you join their gang, you are promoted and if not you are banned in shitty position. I am really confused about how to behave knowing that my sanity is at stake and my ocd is flaring up again.

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Hi, I too have been in the same position in the past three years twice. I left both jobs and now found something that is lowere paying but a better fit from a stress-level standpoint. Sometimes you have to take a step down for your mental health. I too have severe OCD that is health related and remember first and foremost, OCD is an anxiety disorder. Anything that increases our stress levels increases anxiety too. I would look for another job and be open to possibilties that would allow better work life balance. I now have more time to take care of myself and it is a great help. Micromanagment is the worst!

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Luna-blade in reply to Adele62

Dear Adele, I am happy for you now that you could find better work life balance. Thank you for your feedback. Taking care of oneself is the most important!

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Hi. I'm sorry you're having a difficult time at your work right now. It really is awful having a supervisor like that.

Based on your description and having managed teams myself, she sounds like a horrible manager. Supporting a toxic work environment only makes managing more difficult, so she is not only hurting her employees, but she is hurting herself. If the company had any sense they'd see that and remove her. It's costing them time and money having a demotivated team and from training due to potential turn-over.

This is probably more work advice, but it sounds like you're starting the right way here. Speaking to HR and letting them know you'd like to transfer is how I would start. I'd ask for a specific timeline for when I can be moved off the team. I'd also get my resume in order and go out on a few interviews. If they couldn't move me I'd find another job. Nobody deserves to be treated like that. You are not a slave; employment is an agreement between you and you're employer. Ideally it should be win-win. You get something out of it (money/experience) and they get something out of it (your labor). If it's not, you should find someplace where it is.

Sorry for venting, but I've had several bad managers in my career and it really gets my hackles up hearing people having to deal with that.

Anyway, I hope you find some peace/closure with this. These type of situations really suck. Let us know how it works out :-)

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Luna-blade in reply to IStillHaveHope

Dear Istillhavehope, I really appreciate your advice as it really relieved my anxiety a bit. You are right in every word you said as turn overs are happening regularly within the company and its worldwide branches. I will wait and see how things go next week. Will keep you posted! Tc

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You have to do what is best for you. No one else will it for you. when it comes to all the intrusive thoughts and anxiety, the best thing you can do. Just recognize its just a thought, it will not harm you, in time it will pass, and do what you feel is right for you.

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Luna-blade in reply to Bentleywins

Dear sir, Sorry for what you are going through as well. I wish my ocd were that controllable as it is one of the worst types where nothing works but medicine. Thank you for your advice and wish better days ahead!

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It's difficult enough to get a job when you have OCD and cope with the OCD at work, but when someone in authority makes the workplace a misery it just makes it worse! I've been in toxic work places and it isn't much fun!

Not knowing which country you are in, I can't say much about your legal rights, but if you have a trade union then get onto them! They could give you support and let you know your legal rights. If not, then it might be worth going on a trade union website for information about where you stand.

Obviously it's best to avoid conflict, but employers shouldn't get away with treating you like this. If it turns out that you are forced to leave for the sake of your mental health and wellbeing, you may have a case for constructive dismissal - ie the employer making things so difficult for you that you have no option but to resign. In that case you could be entitled to compensation.

Do keep us posted about how you get on. Perhaps another employer would treat you better, but know your rights!

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Luna-blade in reply to Sallyskins

Thank you for your extensive and detailed message. I am from Lebanon, Beirut. Here, the laws are not really strict in what concerns mental health, but still such law cases could be still raised if supported with other evidence. Unfortunately, job opportunities are rare which compels me to be a bit more patient regarding my situation. I appreciate your support and will keep you posted for any updates. Thx a lot.

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joleb in reply to Luna-blade

Hi there Luna-blade! Thanks for your reply. Yeah I know the salaries are tough with the lira being what it is now! I totally understand. You mentioned that only medication helps you, have you tried ERP? I have been doing it and just started Zoloft less than a month ago. It's a 25 mg now. I'm hoping it kicks in too while I continue ERP.

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Hi Luna-blade. Thanks for sharing your situation. Nothing is more important than your health, and we all know stress really makes our OCD worse. I read in the thread that you are in Lebanon. I am Lebanese living in the united states. I know the work conditions are pretty rough with the economic situation as well as the political problems, but I really recommend you find a better working environment even if it means working in a workplace that does not meet your competency. Apply to the US if possible!

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Luna-blade in reply to joleb

Hi joleb. Yes I am Lebanese. Nice meeting you! Unfortunately, other types of jobs imply lower salaries which could barely make you survive currently. I will attempt my best to cope with stress on a daily basis. Just take it day by day until I figure out what to do next. As you pointed out, political and economic issues coerce people into difficult choices sometimes. As long as my ocd remains at bay which it doesn't all the time :) I have to just go with the tide. I have never thought of traveling to the U.S. but thank you for the suggestion. Take care of yourself!

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