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Is it OCD?

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Hello all, I haven’t officially been diagnosed with OCD but definitely showed some of its traits when I was younger (touching doorknob a certain number of times, repetitively washing hands). I’ve had issues with rumination and anxiety about social performance and COVID stress has caused me to be vigilant about disinfecting, washing hands (& nagging family members about their inefficient hand washing, even if we’ve just been at home). I don’t wash my hands continuously each time I wash them, but wash them a lot—also use elbows to turn on/off lights, and experience anxiety about holding hands with my husband or sharing a bowl of popcorn. My husband calls me paranoid—is this germaphobia or OCD?

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Sounds more like OCD

Sounds like OCD to me, because touching doorknobs a certain number of times is not related to germs, and overall it sounds very much like OCD. My handwashing struggles have not been with amount of time spent per wash (which is usually reasonable) but with washing too frequently (after getting "contaminated" by things that are not really contaminated).

The YBOCS is often used to identify OCD:

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