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Not feeling with it

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Ok so my ocd takes on many intrusive thoughts they change continuously throughout the day.

But today I felt so panicked like I was not with it and just felt like everyone around me were going about their days and I feel stuck it’s hard to explain I question is everything is this real, why can my emotions change so much throughout the day.

I look at others and think the simple things that we do day to day i worry about.

I work full time I have my own business and I just want my brain to calm down and see all these thoughts for what they are but when I’m in this moment everything feels so scary.

I talk to customers and I just feel like I’m going along with the conversation but don’t feel with it if that makes sense.

I think cause I went to my moms a few weeks ago as I was unwell now I’m back at work I’m probably tired and as you do with ocd overthinking every feeling I get.

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So sorry to hear. My son has OCD and mentions the some of the same things that you mention such as his brain does not calm down and he feels everyone is around him and no one to help him. I am glad you work as my son avoids reality by watching news and movies to escape thinking about his own issues. You are not alone. We are seeking help from a psychologist right now and will go back to psychiatrist soon.

They say meditation , yoga, and exercise is very good for the mind and I wish my son would try it. There are some free meditation exercises on fitbit and Youtube and I am sure elsewhere.

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Sesa79 in reply to OCDMOM35

Hi there,

Thanks for getting back to me,

Yes it’s tiring I think Im better keeping busy at work as it gives me something to focus on.

Yes I used to do yoga so really want to get back into that.

I am also doing mindfulness and making sure I do 10000 steps most days.

I hope your son improves soon

I completely understand i feel that way right now. The day to day things in life that happen that people can just brush off we can not its sits with us until its so bad that i feel literally sick. For example there are people in this work who will feel like get more attention then others or people rave over more then you when you walk through the door and it tends to make you feel down about yourself or someone who just thinks they are so perfect they make you feel down and question yourself is that i deal with myself now and its like thats life people do that but im so stuck feeling horrible on myself and i cant deal and then im like is this stuff even really happening or is it the ocd?! Ive literally madeMyself sick over this obsession. Your deff feeling normal things with ocd and not alone!

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Sesa79 in reply to 1BlessedMaMa

Sorry your feeling these things just know that your not alone.

I find that tiredness makes me so much worse when I get some sleep I can see things a bit more clearly.

It’s just all so exhausting isn’t it.

Hope you start to feel better soon are you getting any treatment?

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1BlessedMaMa in reply to Sesa79

Yes medication therapist weekly and psychiatrist more meds have been added recently . I tried so hard to fight it without more meds but stressful things have happen recently and sent me in a loop and people just dont get your thought processes they think your just dramatic

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Sesa79 in reply to 1BlessedMaMa

I totally agree it’s not nice but at least your seeking all the right help.

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