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Lessons learned from OCD


Yesterday and today have been really bad OCD days for me.

There are a lot of compulsions of repeating going on, and mental obsessions on different topics.

My husband always stops me from asking him reassurance questions, but I am unable to stop, and I keep asking him.

Every time a doubt comes, I try to ask questions about it.

Thus, OCD never quits.

It will create more doubts, and I ask more questions and repeat, and this is the vicious cycle that I am suffering nowadays.

Thus, the lessons learnt from OCD are:

1) Do not start talking topics which are based on doubts.

2) Resist the urges to give in by asking, repeating things to my husband.

3) In the beginning, the doubt will feel unbearable, but just let it be there, and do not respond to it.

4) If you respond to the OCD thought then it will get worst.

5) We should not let OCD win anytime.

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Great advice. Sorry you are going through a tough time - hope you feel better quickly.

Really sorry to hear it is hard for you, are you taking medication or anything else that helps. The little victories are amazing and should be celebrated, each time you beat it, give yourself credit, you deserve it, there are going to be hard times, but you will be stronger for getting though each battle.

I am taking lots of medications, but nothing is working out for me.

I am treatment resistant.

Thanks for the support.

It is very much appreciated.

Have you tried setraline? I take it for my OCD and it has helped me a lot. I still have to do the mental work myself but it still helps a lot. Sometimes I forget to take it and then I realize I’m having a bad day probably because I forgot to take my medicine. :P

Anyways I feel for you. My mom is telling my how quarantine is making people’s heads worry more or their mental illnesses worst because we can’t go outside and bust ourselves or do anything different. I mean sometimes it feels like it’s not about quarantine or body stuff when my OCD is occurring but it does play a factor.

It’s good that you acknowledge what you have to do. It’s better than nothing.

I have taken Sertraline at the highest dosage, but it did not help my OCD.

Thanks for your suggestion.

No problem and sorry it didn’t work out for you. But you can still beat OCD, even if sometimes it’s small victories, victories are still good. :)

How long have you been on it, if it is more than a month, you should talk to your prescriber about trying something different, sometimes it take a while to find what is right for you.

I took Sertaline for a long period of time. I have tried many medications and nothing has worked. Currently, I am taking Prozac, but that is also not helping with the OCD.

Sometimes it can take a while to find the right medication, it sucks, but sometimes it takes a while for the right one to kick in, one thing I heard of was N-Acetyl Cysteine it's natural too, I went to one of the treatment places and it was mentioned.

I have tried N-Acetyl Cysteine also and it has not worked on me.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Dai_S in reply to desipurple19

A diffrent type of treatment being researched for treatment resistant people: bbrfoundation.org/content/n...

This is a victory! I know it may not feel like it...but everyday you learn more about ocd, the more you are prepared to beat it. I’m sorry that this is happening to you and I do hope you get over this hump! Feel better xoxo

Thanks for your kind words and support.

It is very much appreciated.

This is a great reminder. Thank you! Assurance seeking has been a huge compulsion for me and it’s miserable. Wishing you the best on your journey! You are strong!

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