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Video on "Harm OCD" and what it looks like!

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Hi! I am a specialist with OCD and create these videos for free to help anyone in need.

⁣👍🏻👍🏻VIDEO LINK:⁣ 👍🏻👍🏻

Harm OCD is a type of OCD that causes a person to have doubts and fears about whether they are in control of themselves and if they could become violent towards themselves or others.⠀

Let's go over the obsessions and compulsions of one who suffers from Harm OCD.⠀

Bloopers at the end indicate vulnerability. None of us are perfect and it's important to show and embrace our imperfections. 😉⠀⠀


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I watched this video last night and honestly it described so much of what I feel like I’m going through! Do you have any advice to help with anxiety and/or the intrusive thoughts? I’m already taking medication and seeking therapy, but it’s still really bad lately.

Much appreciated in you advice!

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I would keep up your search for a therapist. Therapy is powerful.

In the meantime, I would listen to some podcasts. Check out The OCD Stories and Your Anxiety Toolkit. Both are focused on OCD specifically and are very helpful. Kimberley (Your Anxiety Toolkit) is helpful for encouragement, support and general strategies. The OCD Stories can be very informative when they are talking with therapists, or very good at making you not feel alone if you listen to the episodes that interview people with OCD.

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Thanks for this! I’ll keep searching and keep my hopes up!

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This is a good resource to use. There are a number of therapists that are doing teletherapy as well. I haven't looked into this really as I have someone local, but I know that it is a possibility.

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Thank you, this is definitely helpful! Trying to find a therapist that is cost effective is another issue, but it’ll be worth it!

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Someone beat me to it but I would make sure you only see someone listed on -- Many say they "work" with OCD but if someone is pasionate about their speciality they are on this site. I am licensed in Texas and Utah and can do video sessions in these two states if needed. Hopefully you can find someone close to you that can help! 😃

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Thank you very much! Unfortunately I live in Canada, and my region doesn’t have many resources on the list, however I’m not giving up hope and will persist with my search. Thanks for everything you do and for the videos you create :)

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