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What Contamination OCD Actually Looks Like!


We see what contamination OCD looks like on TV, but is it accurate? For those who suffer with this type of OCD; they can suffer greatly. Unlike what they show on TV, It isn't a "funny" or corky thing. Let's go through what contamination OCD looks like and what the treatment is.

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Topics discussed:

👉What contamination looks like.

👉The "feeling" of contamination.

👉Bad luck as a contaminant.

👉Thoughts are a contaminant.

👉Setting guidelines for washing hands.

👉Compulsions with contamination OCD.

👉Reassurance seeking with contamination OCD.

👉How contamination OCD looks different on TV.

👉The "Just In Case" traps.

👉How we treat contamination OCD.

Do you struggle with contamination OCD? What does it look like for you? Comment below!

Remember, when it comes to your OCD; it is your job to "Face The Unknown".

DISCLOSURE: Although I am a licensed therapist. This video is not intended to replace medical advice. This is for information purposes only and should not be used to replace the guidance of a local mental health professional.⠀


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Thanks for your great explanation! I struggle with contamination issues about dangerous chemicals, like draino, battery acid and so on. I seldom find information about this, and often feel lonely. Some therapists hesitate to work with this becasue they don´t know how to do the exposures.

Thanks for sharing your experiences! You definantly not alone in this. Finding exposures for this shouldn't be too difficult. I'm sorry you've struggled to find someone that can help. Hopefully you've checked, iocdf.org

Thanks for reply! Have you helped someone with these kind of fears?

Oh yes! Many many times.

Wow! Really? I wished I could get help from you...but I´m not in the US. How do you make exposures for, for example car battery acid?

I'll send you a message.

I suffer from contamination OCD and saw myself in many of your examples. With the advent of Covid-19 my symptoms have escalated. I was on a low level of Fluvoxamine but spoke with my Dr. who's increasing my dosage. My relationship with his office is basically med management so I'm working the program in Dr. Schwartz's book "Brain Lock".

Thanks for posting this video. It's both insiteful as well as helpful.

Thanks for sharing. I do like Johnathan Grayson's book as well as it's a little more updated. I often look at this resource for medications for OCD - it appears that higher dosages work better for OCD. iocdf.org/about-ocd/ocd-tre...

Just watched your video- you are spot on for contamination fears- something that I have suffered with for over 30 years. Thank you so much for making these short videos for us with OCD. 👍

ocdandanxiety in reply to LuvSun

Thanks for kind words! I'm glad that you like them! 😃

Thank you for posting these videos. I have contamination OCD along with OCD around a responsibility to others and I relate to so much of this.

I hope it was helpful to you! 😃

I think it will be helpful in helping others understand when they just know stereotypes of contamination OCD. It was helpful for me to feel my experience is valid too.

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