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Antipsychotic Drugs for OCD

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Has anyone tried antipsychotic drugs for OCD? Had a Dr. just prescribe Abilify and the website literally says, "tell your dr. if you have any of the following: and one of the conditions is OCD!" Read lots of negative/bad reactions to this kind of drug for OCD. Looking for more testimonials - bad or good. Thx

19 Replies

I have been on Abilify in the past for OCD.

But it did not improve my symptoms.

Thus, I had stopped taking it.

Currently, I am taking an antipsychotic medication called Latuda.

Recently, I started some new symptoms of delusions.

Thus, the doctor put me on it.

It has been working sometimes for delusions.

Everyone reacts differently to medications and their side effects.

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Thanks for sharing your experience!

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I used Zyprexa for about a year or two, and it helped a lot. I was having lots of trouble sleeping due to OCD worries, and this helped both by making me sleepy and by give me some space so that I could choose a little more how to react to my thoughts and not just give in to OCD right away. I did not like the side effects and so I am glad to be off it now. Therapy has helped a lot and might be enough on its own now, but the meds helped a lot until I could get things under control with therapy.

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Thanks for sharing with me!

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My psychiatrist prescribed the anti-psychotic Latuda at a decent dosage (40mg) for my OCD. My symptoms have dissipated which I'm thankful for. As much as I'd prefer not to be on an anti-psyc, it's really helped my quality of life. I hope the abilify works for you!

PS - I don't have any side effects on Latuda, may be the same for you.

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Thank you!

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This is amazing. I would take Latuda if it got rid of my ocd.

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Candace_Marie in reply to Fargo-Guy

You should try it! I’m on a low dose of 40mg

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I've recently started sertraline and just picked up quetiapine (antipsychotic) to try as my obsessions are so strong they are considered delusions,

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I take quentapine a SGA (second generation atypical antipsychotic). It helps me with intrusive thoughts. Never taken ability.

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Thank you!

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Although I've tried a number of different anti-psychotics none have really touched my OCD. I haven't experienced any negative effects though. As you see from above responses, what does nothing for one person can be the just the thing for another. Good luck Lollob.

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Hi Lollob, I don't know the other name for that one. But what I do know is that if you have a physical health condition like epilepsy or you are taking medication for something . Antipsychotic drugs can interfere with some. I had that experience in 2012 I was prescribed Aripriprazole and after 3 days it started my epilepsy off again so I then stopped taking it amd carried on with my anti-epilepsy medication and Escitalopram. Then everything was fine. In other words I can't take antipsychotics alrhough I do believe they CAN reduce the OCD. Hope that helps.

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I tried ollaninzempie/ zeprexa, yeah did go well for me.

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I'm on resperidone and it helps a lot with my intrusive thoughts from OCD. It makes me really tired and hungry though.

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Hello, my doctor is looking to put me on either this one or aripriprazole antipsychotic drugs for the first time and I'm pretty scared actually as to which side effects I'll get. I suffer and always give in to my thoughts that I've not used enough water and really struggle to concentrate when washing/ bathing etc so perhaps resperidone can help me too. Thanks for delivering ur experience

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Your welcome. I have new side effects though but they could be from changing my birth control but it can be a side effect from respeidone as well which is lactating sometimes. The intrusive thoughts it stopped for me were mostly around suicide and harm though I have contamination and responsibility ocd. Males or females can get the lactating side effect.

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It is interesting to me that of all the post below only on person mention a medication I have heard of and the one was given no one said they have tried? Surely Sind drug helps most?

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