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Medication help!

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Hello, I have been on medication off and on my whole life. I just can not seem to find one that works great. I am on Lexapro now that seems to be working pretty good, but the side effects are irritating. I am exhausted all the time (falling asleep at my desk, can not concentrate and have foggy brain). Zoloft was HORRIBLE for me. I am needing one that works good but has less side effects. any ideas?

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Have you tried Prozac?

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I did many years ago, but can not remember how I felt because I was so young.


You can find a list of medications which have been proven to reduce OCD symptoms on the IOCDF website here:

No one specific medication has been thought to be more effective than the rest. A licensed professional who can prescribe medication should be able to help you weigh the pros and cons of the medication in question, specifically in regards to the side effects.

I recommend Viibryd. It's lesser known, but IDK why. It's worked well for me, and the reason I started it was because my Psychiatrist said it generally has minimal side effects. Before that I'd tried Prozac, Lexapro, Celexa, and Remeron but struggled with side effects. Look into it and/or ask your Doctor!

I don't have any med recommendations but want to acknowledge how hard it is to keep trying one med after another. They really have different effects on different people. Lexapro did the opposite to me--was like a big dose of caffeine. And I was just on Zoloft for one day--I had a horrible reaction to it. Maybe see whether you can consult with a psychopharmacologist. Best of luck.

Yes. Keep changing the medication until you find one that suits you better. Do not except the side effects that you cannot tolerate. Many medicines...No rhyme or reason. You have to try different ones or combinations until you find the right ones for you. Wellbutrin for example will keep you alert and focused.

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