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need help

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My 33 year old sister has been struggling for 3 years. To me all the signs point to OCD, isolation to perform ritualistic behaviors that relieve overwhelming anxiety, diet that doesn't consist of much more than strawberries, paleo-granola, and protein powder, (she has a diagnoses of anorexia), she plucks out all the hairs on her head (she is bald) . She and the rest of the family are in a strong denial. Parents from the Middle East and have stigma on mental health, they willl hold out for eternity that she has an undiagnosed condition - no logic supports this.

Has a family member ever gone through this? what has worked to get beyond the denial?

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Also I would love to talk to someone who is going through these symptoms

Hi! I totally hear how hard it is to watch a family member struggle. It sounds like she would benefit from professional help and support, and a mental health professional may be able to help your family accept your sister’s struggles and make a plan about how to best support her moving forward. I would love to continue to chat more with you about hair pulling, a BFRB, what that means and what treatment options available. Please feel free to reach out! ~Sofie

She needs help! Sounds like forms of OCD. I hope your family can face that soon. She deserves a better quality of life. May God help you all!

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